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Protein in urine but no other symptoms

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Jojoba1986 Wed 19-Oct-11 00:11:53

I'm 40+5 at the moment & the midwife discovered protein in my urine a few days ago. Having done further checks they've said that my protein:creatinine ratio is high but all my other results are fine. My blood pressure is completely normal for me (which is a little on the low side anyway!) & they don't think I have a UTI. I went to the assessment unit this evening for all of these checks & everything, other than my PCR, seemed fine but they were still v keen on inducing me! The doctor said it may be very early pre-eclampsia but it seems odd to me that they were so eager to induce based on one result!! I want everything to happen as naturally as possible & was reluctant to even consent to a sweep, although I did in the end!

To my mind it seems like, in the absence of any other symptoms, I could just be monitored more closely by the community midwives for the time being. We're going back to the assessment unit again tomorrow evening for further monitoring but I'm doubting if that's really necessary & I'm sure they'll be just as keen to encourage us to be induced, despite the fact that we really don't want it if there's no actual or imminent danger to me or the baby at the moment!!

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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