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22 weeks dnt feel much :( is this normal ??

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popcornchicken Tue 18-Oct-11 21:40:06

hi I am 22 weeks and hardly feel my baby move everyone I no seems to have felt loads before this and seems to be constant do you think this is an issue ?? .

melliebobs Tue 18-Oct-11 21:43:32

Everyone's different. And some people look back in competitive Rose tinted spectacles. My midwife told me (it's my first) that it might get to 22-23 weeks before I felt ANYTHING. I'm 22 weeks now and do get proper little prods n pokes but there's no pattern to it and some days it's more noticeable than others. You can always ring your midwife if ur really concerned

thegauntlet Fri 21-Oct-11 22:12:03

HI ya, I am 19 weeks with the second, have felt a few sort of bubbles, but didnt feel hardly anything with the first one either,even towards the end, it wasnt painful, or strong, just nice actually. I had an anterior placenta cushioning it all last time, and scan last week said the same this time. I would definitely think this is a good thing. my sister was one week behind me last time, and felt everything, was kept awake and complained about being kicked. I ended up with a brilliant labour, contrary to her nightmare. To be honest there is probably no correlation, but if you are in need of some reassurance, take that... not too much feeling now, may mean more comfortable contractions... xx

NancyBlacket Sun 23-Oct-11 09:11:18

Hi I'm 28 weeks at the moment with my second DC I didn't feel much till I was 23 weeks and even then it was very gentle bubbles! I think everyone is different, but if you are really concerned speak to your midwife. Good luck!

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