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General Help and questions...

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mumtobe123 Tue 18-Oct-11 19:50:58

Hi I'm 25+2 and 1st pregnancy (little boy :D ), this is weird but does anyone know where I could possible get any good maternity wear that's suitable for after pregnancy to wear and good for feeding (nice and lose.)
I need a coat,pj's (nightdress and top and bottoms,) general tops and jumpers.
this is because there are many stores in my area but no where has everything at one and some places have some nice stuff and the same store somewhere else doesn't!!
Also do you know where I can get a good sized bag to put my stuff in for the hospital (not pre-filled,) as I have a bag and it's too small!!! sad
Also in the middle of the night mainly, when I get up to go to the toilet, my belly button and above hurt, like muscle pain but it's really hard and hurts, it's weird and I also get stitch on my womb muscle (if that makes any sense.)
I did get pains on my sides and do sometimes with the stitch/stress and get dizzy sometimes and my eyesight has go bad but everytime they check my blood pressure its fine. (Pre-eclampsia runs in the family amongst other stuff so I have consultant led care.)
I have a 4d scan on Sunday at window to the womb on sunday and wanted to know if it will be good (I'm getting really excited.)
And also what does all the sland; dd, hd, dp mean etc?

Sorry for all the questions and randomness of it. I really appreciate any help, thank you.

Oeisha Tue 18-Oct-11 20:41:14

Welcome! Congrats on pregnancy! grin
Here's a list of what I've managed to fathome:
DD/S = dear daughter/son.
DH/P = dear husband/partner
MIL/FIL/SIL/BIL = inlaws
IYSWIM/IYKWIM = if you see what I mean, if you know what I mean
IHMO/IMO = in my (honest, or humble) opinion.
LO = little one
BFP = big fat positive?
BFN = big fat negative
PG = pregnant

Re: clothes. jojomanambebe. next , bon prix, new look and mamas and papas and asda, isabellaoliver as well as H&M (though not online) have all been recommended to me. I've only so far purchased from next, new look and bon prix, but will look at asda again as they seemed to have a not hideously expensive range. At 26wks I'm still just fitting my pre-pg clothes.

Isabella Oliver and M&P seem to do decent looking feeding might purchase some of these. Just waiting to see how hideously large my breasts will be before I get excited and purchase (like I did mat. trousers, they are currently fallign off my hips...)

Belly pains could be full bladder causing braxon hicks to be painful (pushing everythig up) the stich like thing is probably still ligaments stretching, though it's def. worth mentioning both to MW if it's been going on for a few days. They can at least prod you and reassure you.

You're due Jan then? If you're looking for a friendly bunch to moan with/ask advice from/just plain rant at then pop over to the Jan ante-natal thread. We're all fairly chatty and lovely.

mumtobe123 Tue 18-Oct-11 21:01:59

Thank you Oiesha, that's really really helpful and yes I'm due Jan 30th and I will have a look on the thread.
Are you due jan as well?

Thank you xx

Fresh01 Tue 18-Oct-11 21:09:43

Agree with most of the shops listed above, also ASOS. I am onto my 4th pregnancy and breastfeed for 11 months each. Over this time breastfeeding I have worked out that you don't need to buy feeding tops, just get some stretch vest tops and wear under a normal top. Then when you need to feed lift up your outer top and move the side of the vest top down under your boob and drop the cup on your bra. Works very well.

Also at night it is worth having some crop tops as much comfier to wear at night than a bra and you need something to hold breast pads in place.

Re. bags for hospital, mine prefers you to have a small bag to take to the delivery room and a larger bag to wait and be taken to your bedside once you are out of the delivery room. Check out bags/holdalls you have as by the time you have stuff for you, towel, dressing gown and baby clothes/nappies it can end up being more than you initially think. I leave stuff lying obviously at home as well for DH to bring more in if I need anything. Also leave car seat, jacket etc for baby sitting all together for him to bring in at going home time. A few plastic bags are handy for wet towels, baby puked on/peed on clothing etc.

I get belly pains occasionally but only last a day at a time. Normally stretching up the side of my belly button and usually coincides with bump getting larger.

I was overseas when I had DC1 and when they did a scan around 32 weeks to check the low lying placenta had cleared they switched the machine over to 4D so we could see what the baby looked like. It was an amazing image that looked really like my DH. And it was the double of DD when she was born.

NorthernChinchilla Tue 18-Oct-11 21:17:57

Hello- link to acronyms on site here: -hope that works as I've not posted a link before, but at least you should be able to find it, it's at the top of the page if not.

I get the womb stitch thing too, and from other threads on the subject I'd put it down to 'one of those odd pregnancy things that just is'!

Oeisha Tue 18-Oct-11 21:42:06

mumtobe yes. 18th jan for me...

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