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lack of movement

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montysma1 Tue 18-Oct-11 16:57:09

I am at 26 +2 and really some days feel very little movement. Its not a big mover at the best of times but on good days would get a bit of hoofing when lying down. other times I go days on end feeling nothing. Went into the day assement last weekend as had felt nothing all weekend and got got paranoid after reading a "count the kicks "thread. All well.

At clinic a few days later , the doc sort of suggested that I just dont feel it when I am busy and would do if I did the lying still for a couple of hours thing. Felt a bit like a time waster actually. The thing is I am pretty sure that I am aware even when I am busy....kicks are so few and far between that I certainly notice when they happen. I feel like I cant keep going in to hospital.

I am resorting to my little home doppler for reasurance, but I still worry at the lack of kicks. On scans the baby is moving fine it seems, but I just dont feel much. I do have a front placenta so that might be deadening things.

I'm just not sure how persistent to be or how concerned to be. Certainly without my little doppler thingy would be freaking.

TooImmature2BDumbledore Tue 18-Oct-11 17:04:31

Well, the doctor should not be making you feel guilty or time-wasting! Their job is to reassure you, even if you camp out in Triage for the next few months. There are people on here who saved their babies' lives by going in to be assessed, and there are also people wishing desperately that they had.

I think, if you are worried, then go in. I'm not sure where the doppler leaves you - yes, you know you are finding the heartbeat, but you aren't trained to pick up any problems with the heartbeat. So yes, I would rather go in than worry at home.

beatrice75 Tue 18-Oct-11 18:06:26

This is my DC3 and he definitely moves more than the previous two but I'm the same as you, I worry loads if I haven't felt movements for a few hours.
I think all babies are different and some are just more active. For you, it could be a combination of factors: your baby is not particularly active (but still perfectly normal) and the anterior placenta prevents you from feeling some of his/her movements.
Sometimes eating sugary foods and lying down really wakes him up. have you tried it?

cupofteaplease Tue 18-Oct-11 18:16:05

I don't want to worry you, but for me, the lack of movements was actually caused by something significant, but my MW wasn't bothered and the traces always picked up a heartbeat so there was no further investigation. If I ever fall pregnant again, I will be very vocal about a lack of movement. Trust your instinct, and don't be fobbed off if you aren't happy. Good luck and best wishes smile

montysma1 Tue 18-Oct-11 21:40:02

Yes I have read posts where prompt action averted the worst, its probably those that have me thinking about this. I have 3 yr old twins, and I have to say that they didnt kick very much either. At the time i didnt worry too much as 1/ I was blissfully ignorant 2/ I assumed they didnt have much room and 3/ I seemed to be getting scanned every 5 minutes anyway, so I cant really compare, as every pregnancy is different and certainly a twin one will be even more different.

The info all seems to say if you notice, a "change" in the activity. My problem is that as there seems to be no rythme or reason to it, then I cant really be sure of it changing.

I do realise that the home doppler is no guarantee, but its better than nothing.

I have and am being scanned quite often because of my advanced agedness! They have been doing extra growth scans, so its not like I am months on end between scans, so i am hoping that any underlying causes, as mentioned by cupoftea, might have been picked up along the way with the extra scans.

Naturally, just about as soon as I started this thread there began quite a kicking orgy!

Thanks for your replies. Still feel awkward if I were to keep going in, and I dont want to cry wolf either. Its difficult, but there is little point in them having posters up about monitoring movement and what to do, if they then ignore their own advice. ARRGGG.!

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