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4+ kiddies?

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Claire129 Mon 17-Oct-11 21:43:04

I am 30 years old and have 3 Beautiful kids that i love sooooo much and who are so very very good. They do argue as all kids do when they are in each others company but keep asking me for another sibling. I have a dd who is 11, a dd whi is 9 and a ds who is 4 and they are all now in full time school. I think I may be pregnant and am scared of the impact its going to have on us all, we have the space in the house, its a 3 bedroom semi and we have a huge back garden. We have a car that seats 5 people but am worried how much a 7 seater will cost and on top of all the baby gear I will have to star again with will we manage???? I work part time and my hubby full time but we arent loaded but we are comfotable. I hope to return to work after and drop a few hours after the birth but will i manage 4 kids, a job and a house??? I feel like i am a good mum and have a wonderful hubby who actually LIKES cleaning up so not too worried about that. The kids are great and i know they will help ALOT esp my eldest dd. Also not to sound vain but worried about getting back down to my weight now and back into my clothes after working so hard to lose 3 stone, will my body be ok after 4 kids, i dont want to start that battle again. Deep down I would LOVE another baby but what would society think too, large families get such bad press and people look down their noses at them and think they are scroungers, which is complete rubbish but innthis day and age plenty of people have opinions and judge very quickly.. sorry for the long message but getting me down and would love some advice xxxxx

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