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bulging veins, help! will they go away??

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mamaesi Mon 17-Oct-11 15:41:47

I never had this with my other pregnancies... but now I have three spider veins on my thigh and a huge bulging vein on my bikini line going into my vagina and down my leg! Is this a vericose vein? Do they go away after you give birth or are they permanent?

Anyone else shed some light....

goodnightmoon Mon 17-Oct-11 16:23:32

yes it's a varicose vein and it should ease or completely go away after birth. You'll just have to wait and see though to know for sure. If not there is treatment (injections, laser surgery, etc.)

ginaribena Mon 17-Oct-11 20:37:17

I have a bulging vein down groin and front of left leg, and has progressed to huge unsightly mass of spider veins on shin sad
This is 3rd pregnancy and I think had them in 2nd, also internally blush and these completely disappeared after delivery. Not sure what to expect for the spider veins though...
Don't know how far in you are but MW told me will get worse and really important to get support stockings or tights to support leg - and it does make difference. More comfy and stops blood pooling. Try 'pebble' website for support hosiery for some nicer styles, or get NHS ones which are horrid beige colour but free from GP!

ginaribena Mon 17-Oct-11 20:50:23

also forgot to say put your feet up whenever you can and brisk walking good to get blood pumping!

branmuffin Tue 18-Oct-11 03:32:11

Yes this sounds like varicose veins to me too sorry!

I am 34 wks pregnant with DC3 and have had them for the first time this pregnancy. I have a bulging vein running from bottom to knee on left leg and mass of spider veins on upper left calf. Right leg nothing! I discovered them at 25 wks and cried for a week.

Am now managing well with very little discomfort by wearing medical grade (20-30mgh) thigh high stockings, walking everyday and feet up an hour a day. Lying on back with legs bent at knee and up on chair for 20 mins in evening suggested by physio really helps.

Good luck:-)

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