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Non-maternity maternity clothes!

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eeyore2 Mon 17-Oct-11 12:59:48

I'm expecting dc2 (19 weeks) and the excitement of buying real maternity clothes has definitely worn off! Sometimes I find that some of my normal clothes are great with a bump though - appreciate by the time you get to the very end you generally grow out of any type of normal clothes but in the meantime, would anyone like to share some ideas of 'normal' clothes that are working well for them and their bump? I am still happily wearing my LK Bennet shift dress to work - even though it is very fitted and not made of jersey it seems to have lots of stretch in it and it's flattering as the seem is just under the bust. Also I have a couple of Oasis knitted mini-dresses a bit like this (but from last year) that look nice with thick tights and boots. Anyone else got any tips?

Karmanna Mon 17-Oct-11 13:04:58

I'm 27 weeks and I've hardly bought any maternity clothes, but that's because my normal style consists of floaty dresses and skirts and I don't wear many fitted clothes. This means I can still wear a lot of my empire line dresses, and skirts too if I wear them under the bump. There's also so much knitwear out there at the moment that are meant to be a bit oversized so will fit you and the bump well even if you buy non-maternity. Primark for example has got loads of chunky cardigans out for less than a tenner so can't argue with that! smile

scepticalexpat Mon 17-Oct-11 15:09:47

I'm 37 weeks and still wearing quite a few non-maternity clothes: empire line tops and dresses are good, my stretchy yoga pants are still OK, and about 3 or 4 t-shirt type tops that were always loose and long are also fine. I've been quite surprised at what I can still fit into. Possibly because I had a slightly podgy tummy pre-pregnancy and probably chose clothes that didn't fit too closely there (of course now they all cling, but I don't mind that now)!

goodnightmoon Mon 17-Oct-11 16:42:04

i have vowed to buy NO maternity clothes this time around. I am 31 weeks and still wearing skinny jeans (one size larger than normal and falling below bump), lots of my usual skirts - either above or below the bump depending on style, regular, stretchy knit dresses I had, some empire line stuff and tunic type H&M tops I had from my last pregnancy, though also not actually maternity.

The only actual maternity wear I have in the wardrobe (from last time): one pair black trousers with elastic, one stretchy black skirt, one plain black sleeveless t shirt, one black work dress, a maternity denim skirt and some other tops that I don't particularly like and haven't worn yet.

I have a cropped swing coat to get me through until my due date in December. Bought for £15 in H&M last year and I didn't wear it much because I thought it made me look pregnant! It's perfect now.

I've "topped up" my wardrobe with a couple of long cardigans from Primark. Their v neck t shirts are also plenty long to go over a bump.

I also find that normal tights stretch right over the bump and they also got me through to the end last time. (admitting I did buy two pairs of support maternity tights this time because of vein problems - one pair wildly uncomfortable and costing £28 - bad buy)

just say no to the tyranny of maternity wear! (but be comfortable) smile

GemmaReeto Mon 17-Oct-11 16:52:07

Ive brought 4 jumper dresses to wear over leggings from TU at Sainsbury's. They were £18 each and are fab! Im 36 weeks pregnant, a 12 pre pregnancy and have just brought size 14's they have plenty of room for bump and I know they will still look fine after baby is here and will get me through the winter xxx

Georgimama Mon 17-Oct-11 16:54:29

The White Company do loads of stuff which accomodates a bump and then looks fine on the non pg afterwards - they aren't cheap but if you are used to l k bennett prices I doubt you'd find much to complain about, and the stuff is v good quality. I bought a twist front jersey dress, a navy maxi dress and a drapey grey marl top which are all still fine despite being worn to the end of my pregnancy (they['re good for bfing in too).

Minus273 Mon 17-Oct-11 17:39:34

I bought some maternity jeans (New Look) and a pack of bump bands in Lidl. I have been wearing pre pregnancy tops, jersey empire line dresses, leggins and tunics.

Beesok Mon 17-Oct-11 22:33:13

I highly recommend French Connection for maternity dresses that don't scream "maternity" smile you can get the maternity range online at Asos but I also bought 2 dresses that were non-maternity in store just a size up and they looked great (am 40 wks today missing those lovely summer days in nice dresses smile

Also shops like COS have loads of loose fitting designs that can accommodate a bump but they do have a specific "look"
The only strictly maternity items I bought were jeans (x3 pairs) and white Gap t-shirts (I live in white t-shirts normally and you can't really wear an ordinary one over bump ;)

notlettingthefearshow Mon 17-Oct-11 22:43:56

None of my nonmat trousers fit at 30 weeks, even tracksuit or leggings - but then I can't stand under the bump clothes.

A few longer tunic style tops still fit, especially ones with lycra in.

None of my coats fit - had to invest in a giant fleece (didn't want anything expensive!) and accept the fact I'll look like a student this winter!

beginnersluck Tue 18-Oct-11 08:12:38

I've found New Look leggings and vests are stretchy enough to work despite bump (leggings scrunched down under bump, vests a size up from normal). Whereas my thicker Miss Selfridge leggings have gone into storage as far too tight and uncomfortable now.

BeyondLimitsOfTheLivingDead Tue 18-Oct-11 08:38:57

When pregnant with DS (October baby), I bought some non-mat summer empire line dresses in Asda that lasted right up til 40 weeks. Got a bit short towards the end with the bump though, so had to wear leggings underneath.

After giving birth I bought a few jumper dresses in Primark for something silly like £7 each, in the next size up to hide my saggy belly. They're big enough that they'll last quite a while in this pregnancy too (baby due April), though probably not right up to 40weeks!

I've also found that a Joe Browns empire line top I have easily has enough room in it for a huge bump. Was surprised when I tried it on how much growing room is still in it!

I'm going to buy a non-mat swing coat. Can't justify buying a coat that will only last me three or four months!! Might have got one if I'd been pregnant over the winter with DS, but not for a second (and possibly last) child.

BedatHogwarts Tue 18-Oct-11 09:32:10

Primark £2 vests (the ones with the adjustable straps) are great because they are really long and come in loads of colours. They took me up to about 30 weeks (one size larger than usual) and then I just added a bump band to bridge the gap between vest and trousers.

I also found normal trousers with a low cut waist fitted well. Also those bolero type cardigans that tie above the bump.

Now at 39 weeks, I'm mostly wearing DP's clothes!!!

cravingcake Tue 18-Oct-11 12:32:28

I picked up a few bargains in the Next Sales, got a couple of long sleeved tunic tops in sizes 16 & 18 (pre-pregnancy I was 10-12) which fit me great at 37+5 with a 47" round waist/bump.

I have stollen borrowed my OH waterproof jacket for when I go out walking our dogs.

Primark £4 tracksuit bottoms have been great - I live in these, they sit under my bump and are comfy for round home.

I'm lucky to have a GAP outlet store nearby so have picked up a few large vest tops and baggy t-shirts which look nice & feminine (rather than OH's t-shirts).

When it was really hot I wore my OH's plain boxer shorts as outerwear with a vest - comfy!

BabyAcorn Tue 18-Oct-11 23:47:07

I bought 3 dresses from m+s, Really nice cross over dresses, cotton, great for work and home and still look half decent. Im 34 weeks, usually a 12, bought them in a 14 so can wear them again, and have had loads of people say what lovely clothes i have for being pregnant.

New Look also had really good maxi dresses, i bought in the summer, again just 1 size up and will wear them again.

Sainsburys also had a few cross over cotton dresses, that i have worn loads and know i would wear them again.

One thing I would say to any new Mummy not possibly knowing this, is when you get bigger up the top, be prepared to stick a safety pin in dresses, so your bra doesnt show all the time, underneath your top. Ive gone from a 36 C to a 40C and the extra amount of material up the top, makes evrything on show. Sometimes it looks like a little pretty cami top, but other times, if your dress is not a maternity style and probably made for this, it can look a bit odd.

Now with only 4 weeks, I am more and more into trackies, and i only have ever worn skirts or dresses before!

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