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30 weeks and morning sickness?

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pregnantmimi Mon 17-Oct-11 02:21:51

Last week felt sick thought it was the end of this cold I have had for 3 weeks but its carried on and Im sat here now feeling so sick and its just like the morning sickness I had in first trimester. I even have been sick after eating if I have more than a few bits of food apart from sweet food thats fine.

Just want a bit of advice off people is this normal and when will it stop!

pregnantmimi Mon 17-Oct-11 02:23:07

also crying all the time super spotty and tired!

stuffthenonsense Mon 17-Oct-11 19:51:51

sorry to hear you are feeling so crappy. in my last pregnancy i could barely keep anything down for the last 10 or so did not harm my baby, she was 10lb....i am resigning myself to the same fate this time too....go easy on yourself.

edwinbear Mon 17-Oct-11 20:57:47

I'm 35 weeks and struggling with the sickness. The ironic thing for me is that I didn't get any morning sickness so thought I'd got away with it. No advise I'm afraid, but you're not alone.

pregnantmimi Mon 17-Oct-11 21:41:39

i hardly eaten today just threw up brekkie and had bit of dinner and bit of cake and feel so full and sick horrid i been in bed apart form 2 hours yuck! At least I know its normal xx

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