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Spoiling yourself rotten - any suggestions?

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Dionysia Sun 16-Oct-11 21:36:49

am now at beginning of what will be DC#4

i didn't do any preparation or classes in previous pregnancies - but was i missing out?

Are there any pregnancy treats you would suggest? Yoga? Massage? spa days? which sort of get-together tends to be a laugh/ friendly/ involve cake?

what do you find fun?

I usually find pregnancy tedious, but perhaps I am just being too Eeyore about it all. i have a crap pregnancy wardrobe....worth adding at this point?

Oeisha Sun 16-Oct-11 22:29:22

Treats?! Emm, god. Just can't think of any that could be done without a lotto win.

Feet up, cuppa decaf tea followed by a decent night's sleep? And maybe the ability to eat cake again?

As for wardrobe. I got 'all excited' and got some mat. clothing about 13 wks. Stupid mistake. I've lost weight so far basically (at 26wks am now a huge 1lb above pre-pg weight. Most of my pre-pg clothes still fit, and yes, I'm paranoid, but MW is ok with it - I was 'overweight' before). So, I'd wait. But there's no harm in window shopping?! When I need cheering up I also have a stare at the john lewis website for yummy baby things (and now at the xmas decs too) Or at beading websites - but that depends. No energy to create at the moment, so it can just get me down sometimes.

Exciting life I lead by the sounds of it! Tehehehe!

RockChick1984 Mon 17-Oct-11 00:23:42

I loved all the preparation for ds - shopping, shopping, and more shopping! When I got close to my due date it became shopping for an outfit for me for when I had lost the baby weight! Also loved pregnancy massages, wouldn't recommend spa days as very limited with options for what you can do there while pregnant; my friends threw a 'mad hatter's tea party' with all sorts of home made cakes, and tea in vintage china cups, as I couldn't have my usual bottle glass of wine with them for a special occasion!

melliebobs Mon 17-Oct-11 08:49:41

im only 22 weeks myself but i have treats planned for when i start my mat leave for when i'm fed up and at a total lose end! DH WILL be treating me to the 'mum to be treatment' at the spa near us (reports from friends say it is amazing)! I'm going to get a Minx pedicure (last time i had one was on my honeymoon) and a manicure. I'm going to save up some pennies for some afternoon solo trips to the cinema depending how comfy/uncomfy I am at that stage. Get my hair cut/coloured. Aaaand going to get a Blockbuster card so I can rent some films, eat some pick and mix and generally veg out

HappyAsIAm Mon 17-Oct-11 09:18:57

I had a couple of massages whilst rpegnant with DS and they were amazing. A spa day sounds fantastic - yes, there may be limited options for you, but I'm sure you could find lots of treatments that would still suit you. Manicure, pedicure, facial, massage ... That would be absolute bliss as far as I'm concerned. It is what i will be asking for from Father Christmas this year as I'm pg again.

What about nice body products? The mama mio range is lovely, but pricey. The only body things that you can't use whilst pg as far as I know are ones that contain certain oils. But I'm sure most brands are safe

I have a very limited maternity wardrobe too. I know I will be bored of it by the end, but that doesn't bother me.

Dionysia Mon 17-Oct-11 21:01:52

thanks ladies...massage sounds good...been years since i had a massage.

trips to cinema...good plan. my youngest is old enough to be left...cinema also has fallen by the wayside

mama mio..>hmm<

in waitrose isn't it? did smell very nice smile

oeisha beading appeals because DD is crazy about it.
hope you are ok - i know quite a few women who lost weight in PG for various reasons (sickness being a big one!) but it all came ok in the end...

goodnightmoon Tue 18-Oct-11 09:10:56

pregnancy yoga is a really nice way to take 1-1.5 hours/week and get in tune with your body and developing baby. It's all a bit touchy feely but in a good way.

unfortunately i couldn't do it this time around because of early onset SPD but I found it really relaxing when pregnant before.

some people also really enjoy swimming - not my fave exercise but I can see the appeal as you get bigger and want that feeling of weightlessness.

I've also thorougly enjoyed pedicures and massage. I'm now feeling a bit too bulky for massage at 31 weeks - therapist suggests doing it on side at this point and that isn't so appealing - but I had some really nice ones around 20 weeks and 25 weeks, when I could still lie on my tummy with pillows propping up bump.

since you are on #4 I wouldn't bother buying much in the way of maternity until/unless it becomes crucial. there's another thread about non-maternity maternity with lots of ideas on how to stretch existing wardrobes or buy clothes that can be worn both during and after.

Dionysia Tue 18-Oct-11 14:47:36

hmm..i did like swimming but in private.

other people >splosh<

not good.

TheMummyAbroad Wed 19-Oct-11 03:48:10

Buy some posh new slippers, dressing gown and pj's. You will be using them a lot smile

I am very Rock'n'Roll, arent I? grin

ZuleikaJambiere Wed 19-Oct-11 08:14:37

The things I missed most once my DD arrived were the simplest - reading a book for hours and going out for lunch and lingering over it. Pick the most child UNfriendly restaurant/cafe, take a book and enjoy the hours slipping past

mycatsaysach Wed 19-Oct-11 08:24:06

i remember mat leave before my first was born - best bit lying on bed eating sweets and reading magazines.bliss.

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