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"maternity nanny" agency?

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peepos Sun 16-Oct-11 21:09:09


DC2 will be arriving on 1 March by CS. DC1 will be just 2 years old.

We did not have any help with DC1 but feel that with having a CS this time and having a toddler to deal with, help will be vital this time.

I intend to BF, have baby in same room and don't really want to just feed baby and hand him/her over constantly. I also don't want someone who will be imposing her own routine/way of doing things on us.

Can anyone recommend an agency who could supply someone who can help with the baby but also with my toddler for approximately 6 weeks? They would also have to be on hand at night time if the baby was not settling.

From what I have read on websites etc, a maternity nurse may not be what we are looking for - am I right about this?


PS also posted in childcare

BagofHolly Sun 16-Oct-11 21:46:44

I had twins by CS when my eldest was 20 months. I found a childminder who was prepared to do nights at my house - she stayed downstairs with the babies whilst we went to bed. The agencies were v expensive £14/HR plus agency fee. I asked everywhere and my HV asked around for me too. It was a lifesaver. Good luck!

pinkpeony Mon 17-Oct-11 12:52:39

Try Eden maternity - if you tell them what exactly you want, they should help you find what you are looking for. Also, some of the maternity nurses (esp the younger ones) are flexible and will listen to parents wishes re routines. You just need to find the right person.

Sandra2011 Mon 17-Oct-11 17:22:37

I got myself an live-in au-pair to entertain my 2 year old son.

30h/week, £70. (we live outside of London)

She will be with us for 3-6 months, arriving 10 weeks before my EDD 04/03.

ajmama Mon 17-Oct-11 20:46:44

I would also recommend Eden. They found me a lovely Maternity Nurse who also had Nanny experience who was prepared to help with older children.

peepos Tue 18-Oct-11 13:03:37

Thanks all - I think I will start with Eden and see if they can sort me out.

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