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38 + 3 and bored

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lightsandshapes Sun 16-Oct-11 13:01:06

Never thought I would say that, but I am. Have finished nursery, cleaned house and inflated birth pool. What else can I do to prpare? I am bored and nervous now. I'm starting to panic about the whole labour thing (my first) and need a focus!


pinkytheshrinky Sun 16-Oct-11 13:07:50

make some cakes or marmalade - works for me every time (disclaimer: this advice is not based on scientific research)


go and have pedicure,manicure etc - you might be waiting another couple of weeks... or shopping

This bit is always a bit nervy, you will be fine x

pinkytheshrinky Sun 16-Oct-11 13:08:52

oh and I have had four and the 'fear' always strikes me near the end

lightsandshapes Sun 16-Oct-11 13:18:12

much respect that you have had 4 pinky! Like the idea of bakibg. I actually bought a new cookbook the other day, so will work my way through that! x

pinkytheshrinky Sun 16-Oct-11 13:26:07

I am expecting number 5........ do keep busy though because waiting is the hardest bit, once it gets going the fear passes. The last two weeks seems to drag and drag

I have found myself in the past re-washing and folding baby clothes too.... madness being as I am such a slattern the rest of the time. What about some nice meals for the freezer? Boring I know but so comforting when you are knackered. Lots of cakes freeze nicely too so after the baby is born you can get a couple slices out to have with a cuppa if you are feeling a bit flat with no effort on your part.

StickyGhost Sun 16-Oct-11 13:59:51

Books on baby stuff? (to reassure yourself scare yourself stupid )
I'm 40+2 now and it's sooo dragging! Crap tv, trying to kid myself Shloer tastes like wine, ironing stuff that doesn't need doing, fussing over the cleaning and eating too much chocolate.
If you find something time consuming please do share!

NoodieRoodie Sun 16-Oct-11 18:34:56

39 wks today and I'm bored too!

Luckily I got a new freezer a week ago so I've been cooking and freezing meals. I've made a huge batch of green tomato chutney. I've thought about pickling a marrow, only cos I have one from the garden that would feed the 5000 and there's only 2 of us.

I'm a world expert on property prices circa 2010 (thank you Homes Under the Hammer) and what is required to sell your house in the current difficult economic climate (the lovely Phil on C4).

I have joined the library and promised myself faithfully that this time I will not run up huge fines for late returns this time.

And I've thought about carrying on with my knitting but as my mum has borrowed my book I can't remember how to cast off!

I have yet to start panicking about giving birth though, maybe I could do that this week!

cravingcake Sun 16-Oct-11 20:58:57

I am 37+4 & been on maternity leave for 3 weeks now. I'm not bored as such but just feel in limbo waiting so trying to keep myself busy and have also taken to watching homes under the hammer.

Things i've done or are planning on doing are:
Making sure i've got birthday cards for everyone having birthdays between now & end of year (not been so anal as to write them out)
Same for Christmas cards
Planned out our entire christmas day menu which OH will be cooking
Update my address book with most recent email & postal addresses & mobile numbers (have a lot of friends & family abroad)
Start christmas shopping
Baking cakes
Cleared out under stair cupboard
Have read three trashy chic lit books (so far) which are nothing to do with babies, being a mum or childbirth as this helps me chill out
Update my cv (as not planning on returning to same job)

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