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MrsSSB Sun 16-Oct-11 12:49:31

...not sure if it's normal but I've been feeling rather uncomfortable 'down there'..ESP at night-time, feels as tho things are swollen and bruised...not painful, but really uncomfy.
I'm 37 weeks on Tuesday and otherwise ok - dont think baby has dropped or anything so just wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this...?!?

NickNacks Sun 16-Oct-11 12:51:25

Yes normal- its the pressure and weight of everything pressing on your bits plus extra blood flow.

FirstTimeMummyToBe Sun 16-Oct-11 13:00:17

I have this too and i am 34 + 4 its mostly at night when i need to get up for the toilet.

It feels like a huge pressure and sometimes i find it slightly painful. I am starting to drop though so assumed that cause the babys heads down this is why!

Glad to know i am not the only one though smile

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