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am i panicking about nothing (bleeding at 14 weeks)

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itsonlyme85 Sun 16-Oct-11 11:47:10

Sorry if this is tmi but I got myself into a panic this morning. Woke up to find old (brown) blood when I wiped after using the loo. It wasn't a lot within two wipes it was nearly gone. I am not bleeding now and have no pain. I had my scan Wednesday and all was fine and that was only 3days ago. But this has scared me even though I know I shouldn't panic. I have spoke to my doctor who is not worried and has told me to rest, my instant reaction was to cry and then i couldnt stop lol I'm ok now have pulled myself together finally and stopped the panicking. Was just wondering if anyone else has bleed at this time and had no pain this is ny second pregnancy my first was fine I have a beautiful 6 yr old. Please give me a slap and tel me I am over reacting lol

kiki22 Sun 16-Oct-11 12:04:41

Hi, i had similar bleeding at 6 weeks and everything was fine they did give me a scan but i think that was only due to a previous MC. If your really worried you could phone the maternity assessment unit number will be in your notes and ask to come in to see them. I went in at 22 weeks for no movement and they let me listen to the heart beat which made me feel much better.

bemybebe Sun 16-Oct-11 12:07:09

I would go for a scan. Chances are this is nothing, but as someone who had a bleed at 12 weeks and later contracted strepB due to suspected cervical incompetence I would always err on the side of caution.

itsonlyme85 Sun 16-Oct-11 12:26:18

Thanks ladies i have spoken to my doctor and she advised me to just take it easy today and keep an eye on things. I will take your advice I can't seem to get through today by phone will keep trying x thanks for your advice

TortillaDeMaiz Sun 16-Oct-11 13:08:32

Hello, I've had that type of bleeding during both of my pregnancies and it has turned out to be nothing. On the first one, it was on and off until about 16 weeks. The GP told me not to worry about and most likely it would go away. Second pregnancy, it was just a one off and I called the early pregnancy unit, as I thought it was a bit more than on my first pregnancy. I went in for observation and stayed overnight and was discharged the next day.

In my case, it was probably just my body telling me to slow down. Bleeding is sometimes associated with placenta previa, but this was not the diagnosis. Definitely, if you experience some pain or the bleeding continues call the maternity services. The assessment units are usually closed during the weekends, so call the maternity ward or page your midwife if you need assistance/reassurance today.

itsonlyme85 Sun 16-Oct-11 14:20:14

Thanks tortilla x had no blood since this morning and no pain what so ever my doctor is not worried as I only had a scan a few days ago so I feel a bit better now il defo be keeping an eye on things x thanks for ur advice il gov them a ring if anything worries me x

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