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37 + 4, have had bloody show, and have heavy heavy cold

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mumblejumble Sat 15-Oct-11 20:37:21

That is it really. I have been losing my mucus plug for a few weeks now. Today it has changed to tinged with brown and bits of red.
I have the world's worst cold (so it seems). Will my body really go into labour when I feel so rough?
Seriously loads of mucus from nose too.
I feel like some sort of giant oozing mucoid pustule.

imip Sun 16-Oct-11 07:31:56

I had a very bad cold when expecting dd2. They wouldn't induce me til the cold was over - labour with a massive cold would be horrible. Brown blood is old blood, so maybe the mucas plug is gone and you've still got a bit of time??? Good luck.

twogirls1more Sun 16-Oct-11 08:30:26

I feel your pain!
I'm currently 36wks with no.4 and had loadsa signs of pre-labour already! Felt really crappy all of last wk, (like my bod fighting something off,) and now have a cold coming on. Doesn't help that I have a v sick toddler that we had to take to hospital last nt with a v nasty viral infection, throat infection, oral thrush etc! She's really poorly bless her and is taking up alot of my energy so I just hope I don't go into labour early! Also hope I don't get what she's got as that would worry me how it would affect baby. sad
I've had bits of a show too and been wondering, like you, if my bod would send me into labour if my bug progress's?! I wouldn't worry too much about the show as it's doesn't necessarily mean that labour's imminent and could still be a few weeks away. I'll keep everything crossed for you that it holds off until you feel better! Good luck! smile

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