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Feeling oversensitive and needy at 29 weeks

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Kym76 Fri 14-Oct-11 08:26:45

Having a good and healthy pregnancy. Baby moving around constantly, has kicked me from an early stage of pregnancy, which I find reassuring but can keep me up on a night and I do struggle to get comfy when sat through the day now too. Don't feel over tired and don't feel at this point too worried that the baby's breech. Plenty of time to turn round. On the other hand, feeling very sensitive and cry at the slightest of things. Partner (Dad to be) very busy and seems to work constantly, which makes me feel like I can't trouble him. Never used too before I was pregnant but now feel like I can't solve my problems. Then my 9 year old (child no.1) just started a new school and can be moody with my partner (Not her Dad - it's my 2nd relationship - 6 years together). In July this year we all made a big move in together which we are very happy with and it's going really well for everybody. So I am really confused as to why I keep bursting in to tears and feeling so insecure. Anyone else felt the same? My partner can say something to me and I take it completely the wrong way. Or I have to tell child no.1 off and I get upset for doing it. I feel like I have no control and I'm useless at everything that I do. I've given up work since the big move and have no plans to go back for a while until baby is older and child no.1 is fully settled in at her new school. Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated? Don't like feeling this way and need to do something about it.

kiki22 Fri 14-Oct-11 11:11:16

I know how u feel have been having very unlike me emotions as well. DP is going out with his newly single friend tonight and when i heard about it last week i straight away started thinking oh no they'll be on the pull and he's be surrounded by gorgeous skinny non hormonal girls! have no idea where this came from but ended up crying because he was leaving me home alone, it's not like me at all but couldn't help it. the non pregnant part of my brain was saying silly cow while the pregnant part was picturing him surrounded by girls like some sort if glasweigan hugh heffner!

Decided to talk to DP about it and once i had said it all out loud to him suddenly realised how daft i was being and felt so much better. Maybe you could do the same thing? talk to your DP or mum just make sure you say to them i know i'm being oversensitive and needy BUT it's just how i feel so they know not to start with your being daft and can understand you don't feel yourself.

cravingcake Fri 14-Oct-11 12:49:57

I have had similar days, when I just dont feel good enough and every tiny little thing makes me unsure of myself & decisions I make (like what to cook for dinner). I'll get overly tearful or some days just feel like clinging onto my partner and not letting him go as he does good hugs. Thankfully these are few and far between.

For me these are my triggers for depression, I suffered for a number of years with this (was on anti-depressants and then had hypnosis before ttc). I know that I will have the odd bad day or two when these sorts of feelings come out, thats only natural and I feel its a lot to do with pregnancy hormones.

If it is going on for a day or so at a time then I would say its just normal pregnancy hormones, however, if you feel like this more often than not over a few weeks then you should say something to your midwife as they can help you if it is depression. I'm not saying you are depressed or suffering with depression but just thought I should point this out to you.

The big change of how you are living and working can sometimes make you feel unsettled as you dont quite know where you are and have any sort of routine or purpose. I have been on maternity leave for 3 weeks now and am struggling some days as I'm in limbo, dont have work to go to and am now just waiting for baby to arrive - the other day I had our Christmas cook book out and have planned out entire Christmas menu as this is something I can control when the unknownness of when baby will arrive freaks me out a bit.

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