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Migraines in Pregnacy

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stifflegs Thu 13-Oct-11 22:57:04

I'm about 9 weeks pregnant with my second child and having been suffering from increased classic migraines (ones wth vision disruption) and was wondering how people cope with them when pregnant? I tend to get one every 6 - 8 weeks but I have had 2 already this week, they are really getting me down and I'm finding it hard to cope.

I went to my GP a few weeks ago and he said there wasn't a lot he could do but did precribe me a nasal spray painkiller that didn't really help.
When I was pregnant before I didn't have any? Not sure what to do?

stifflegs Thu 13-Oct-11 22:58:34

prescribe sore head :0(

feelingratheroverwhelmed Thu 13-Oct-11 23:10:37

Ooh you've started early! I feel your pain. I had them with DS throughout monthy 6 and 7, and this time (am 38weeks) from month 6, still going strong. I would usuually get them maybe once a year, but currently get them several times a week. One good thing is the headache side of it seems to have waned but I still get severe visual disturbance and feel very hazy for ages afterwards, sometimes struggling to speak clearly. A couple of weeks ago I had the utter joy of having three in about six hours, now that was fun!

As to dealing with them, well, I'm so sorry but I have no advice to impart I'm afraid. In my first pg, I was prescribed co-dydramol. I took them once, they did nothing, so didn't bother again. This time, the GP said there was nothing that I could take and that I just have to deal with them. It was hard when I was at work, I spent a lot of time with my head on my desk. I don;t think my boss was impressed but there was nothing I could do. Now I just take myself off to bed if I can. I bought the Kool strips that you stick to your forehead which help a little bit.

I hope yours improve well before my have, good luck smile

BaldricksTurnip Thu 13-Oct-11 23:13:05

I had these with my most recent pregnancy. I never had anything like it with my other two but they really freaked me out! I had vision disruption and also numbness in my fingers then my face and a number of other odd symptoms for about 20 mins then sometimes a headache sometimes not. After I had the first one I was terrified tbh but my doctor didn't seem that bothered just said it's 'one of those things' you can get in pregnancy! I found that certain triggers set me off especially coffee and bright sunlight. I also found that they petered out towards the end of the pregnancy. If you are worried by them though do go back to your GP.

stifflegs Thu 13-Oct-11 23:16:28

Thank you for your advice. I have never thought of using kool strips, such a good idea. I've got some 4head knocking around so will try that. I find the visual disturbances a bit frightening especially if I'm out with my DS, they can make me quite tearful too.

Hope you don't get anymore in these next few weeks and congratulations!

stifflegs Thu 13-Oct-11 23:19:47

Oh yes, bright sunlight as well, I think that can be a trigger with mine. Good to know they can peter out towards the end, makes me hopeful!

feelingratheroverwhelmed Thu 13-Oct-11 23:22:20

For added reasurance, with DS I had my last migraine on 30th Aug and had him in the middle of Oct, so fingers crossed!

SamMiguel Thu 13-Oct-11 23:32:39

I have awful migraines anything up to 4 times a week but when pregnant the last two times I had about 1 a month, particularly as the pregnancy progressed. With regards how to help when you get them, take some strong paracetamol, use the cool strips and bizarrely, drink full sugar coca cola. This was recommended by a couple of midwives and I have to say, I found it helped to shorten the length of the migraine. I usually take strong prescription-only medication for my migraines so I was sceptical but those three things helped to make them more manageable. Also, I know it's difficeult with small children but if you can try to sleep it off (even if you don't think you are tired - just try) it can often help.

workshy Thu 13-Oct-11 23:36:02

I found cool strips but put on the back of my neck rather than my forehead worked really well

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