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When is it too late to fly?

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handlemecarefully Tue 28-Oct-03 10:18:43

I have been pregnant before but I've forgotten about the 'rules'

Me, dh and dd are off for a long weekend to Malta in January when I will be 27 weeks pregnant. Is this still in the okay phase, or am I then past the threshold where you need to go to the lengths of get a doctors letter/ certificate(to cover you for medical insurance) to testify that you are fit to fly?


FairyMum Tue 28-Oct-03 10:27:31

I think you can fly up to 36 weeks depending on the airline. 27 weeks should be fine. Malta! You lucky thing!

eefs Tue 28-Oct-03 10:28:11

I've been flying quite a lot in the last while (including one trip to the far east when I was 29wks - 12 hour flight). As far as I understand, you'll need to check with the airline first as they all have different regulations and as a safety precaution against some overzealous staff get a letter from your doc stating that you are ok to fly, but flying that distance at 27 weeks should be no problem.
Make sure you drink plenty of water before and during the flight and move around as much as possible during the flight to prevent DVT.
Enjoy your weekend

Hayls Tue 28-Oct-03 12:46:30

I looked into this recently when I was going to fly with Easyjet. You can fly up to 28 weeks no probs but from then until 36 weeks you need a letter from your doctor (not a mw) confirming that it's OK for you to fly. Couldn'tbe bothered with the hassle so my intended visitees are flying to see me instead! I'm not sure if you have to pay fr the letter.

Oh and if the staff think you might be further than 28 weeks ( in their oh so expert opinion)they are entitled to ask for confirmation of your dates and/or suitability to fly.

morocco Wed 29-Oct-03 10:48:42

it does depend on the airline but I also wouldn't worry too much about it (like I did for days before flying) - no-one even noticed in the end! Having a letter even if you are 27 weeks not 28 might make you feel more relaxed about it all. Don't forget medical insurance! and enjoy

sykes Wed 29-Oct-03 10:51:38

I flew at 30 weeks and 32 weeks with both dds to New York. eefs is right re airline - I got a letter but airline didn't even seem to notice I was pregnant. Very strange. Got awful water retention - ie, v fat lower legs but fine apart from that.

susanmt Wed 29-Oct-03 11:35:09

Its definitely worth chatting to your doc about it if your worried at all. I flew to Canada and back in August (at 22-25 weeks, I think!) and took the extra precautions on docs advice of wearing the airline socks and taking half an aspirin before the flights. Worth phoning your airline too and checking if you will need a letter or not. I recently also flew four short flights to Ireland and back and (shame of shames) on the Easyjet part of the route could not do up my seatbelt so had to ask for an extension - they were really nice about it. I was 27 weeks then with no letter or anything. Have fun in Malta you lucky thing!

Tortington Wed 29-Oct-03 22:30:58

please forgive me am in a funny mood - but read the title of this thread and was busting to say " halfway down after you jumped!"

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