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Tested 4 days before af with a bfn. Should i give up?

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MrsKxxx Thu 13-Oct-11 17:12:38

Hiya, im convinced im pregnant this month. I tested this afternoon with one of the internet cheapie tests and got a bfn, am 4 days before af is due and 12 dpo. Is it time to resign myself to another bfn month or do i still have a fighting chance?

When did you all get your bfp's and did you get bfn's before hand?

I know im clutching at straws but this will be my 14th month of bfn's sad

Any advice would be appreciated


mildertduck Thu 13-Oct-11 17:15:33

Definitely not; I didn't get a positive until I was two days late. Up until then, all were negative.

MrsKxxx Thu 13-Oct-11 17:19:59

Thats really good to hear! Thankyou. Few symptoms are there but they could be pre af symptoms too! I was so positive about it this month, dh works away in the week so we use clearblue fertility monitor, i know we did the deed on exactly the right days this time sad.

Congrats on your bfp xxx

twinklespeciallyforlittlegirls Thu 13-Oct-11 17:29:00

No! I tested four days before my period was due with a Superdrug test that said it could work from then and got a negative - I only tested (not really TTC, but not NOT TTC ifyswim) because I felt sick, knackered, had tingly boobs and a weird taste in my mouth. Still felt funny the day I was due on, tested again and bingo! Positive.

I reckon it's probably to do with when sperm meets egg, if it happens really quick you'd get a bfp 4 days early, but if it was the slower sperm you would need an extra day or two to get enough HGC in your wee smile

I know it's really hard but please try and step away from the test sticks for a couple of days and don't feel too down if it's not your month. Fingers crossed it is though! xx

MrsKxxx Thu 13-Oct-11 17:35:08

Fab advice. Thank you. Im not going to test till day af is due now smile xxx

VFVF Thu 13-Oct-11 17:54:11

Noo! I only got a BFP a week after period was due (regular cycles) and that was with one of those posh 'tell you six days before you're due on' tests. Similar thing happened to my friend. Good luck x

morethemerrier Thu 13-Oct-11 21:01:24

With both my DS only got BFP 4 days after AF was due! With DD got BFP 4 days before AF due?!?

So def agree with twinkle depending on when the magic happens it will vary the result timescale!

Fingers crossed for you x

Hotpotpie Thu 13-Oct-11 21:12:11

Hell no, I tested the day before I was due on and negative, didnt test positive until a week after smile

LouisaJF Fri 14-Oct-11 11:31:36

I tested 4 days before my period was due and got a negative. Tested three days before and got a negative. Tested the day after I was due and got a positive and am now 12 weeks.

The accuracy of most tests is much lower before your period is due, even when they say they can pick it up.

MrsKxxx Fri 14-Oct-11 19:36:01

Thanks for all your advice. Has made me feel better xxxxx am going to wait till sunday :D xxx

Justonecheese Sun 16-Oct-11 12:01:43

I waited till 3 days late and got my bfp. Definitely always advisable and a good way not to waste money to wait until at least day af due if you can! Hard, I know! Good luck smile

sevensevenseven Sun 16-Oct-11 12:15:59

Have you tested yet?

LookingForALine Sun 16-Oct-11 16:39:37

I'm currently in a similar position, although now day 6 after AF due with 4 BFN so far. Reading the other replies has reassured me that there is yet hope, and I will wait a few days before trying to test again, hopefully for a BFP this time!

Any news MrsK?

captainmoll Sun 16-Oct-11 16:55:05

I'm in this boat too.
SO frustrating getting BFN's when there's no sign of AF at all. Reckon I will try very hard not to do another test for a week if still waiting. I hate waiting.. impatient soul at the best of times. I'm trying to persuade myself it's just a freak cycle, but there's always a niggling hope I can't shake.

Good luck everyone!

bry11 Mon 17-Oct-11 08:21:31

hi ive always been regular n never late 4 my period .my story a bit diff 2 some ov urs ,,i was actally married 2 a woman we was 2gether 19yrs ,she left me in aug ,i ended up havin a 1 night stand with a man ..i got my period pains as usuall but much earlier i had them for 3 week but no period came i did test but it was neg went 2 drs also neg i have all the symptoms of been preg ,i had a lot ov crampin which as calmed down now ,my last period was 24th aug so im very late ..just wanna say i have a 11 yr old daughter which i had by donor n the donor work first time 40 now so didnt think a 1 nite stand would ov mattered but surely summats goin on ....big coincidence i have sex then miss my period ..what do u guys think ...

morethemerrier Mon 17-Oct-11 20:38:48

Bry, has the doc done blood test? One of my first symptoms of pregnancy is always period like cramping about a week before I am due.

I think you need to go back to drs to rule anything else out,esp ov cramping just to be on the safe side I was checked for ectopic due to ov pain on one side,was ok thankfully.

Also,sorry to hear about your seperation, could stress be a factor in delaying your period perhaps? I hope you get some answers soon, good luck x

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