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Pre-labour signs at 35.5wks and fed up! Anyone in same boat?!

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twogirls1more Thu 13-Oct-11 12:46:41

Although I partly feel I really should be making the very most of this last part of my pregnancy, (as it's my last of 4!) I ratty, irritable and wishing the weeks away! sad
Doesn't help that as with my last pregnancy, these days, my bod seems to favour the "slow burn" towards labour day, sending me loads of signs that labour could be imminent..(leaky nipples, vv strong and some painful BH's, a bit of a show, overwhelming exhaustion, nausea, off food, moody, occasional bursts of energy when I HAVE to nest!) over about FIVE long weeks!
Anyone else experiencing the same at the mo? It's like my bods having a laugh at my expense and kinda saying.."well, labour could be vv 24hrs..2 weeks..or even 5 weeks time?!!" Ahhhh!!

Savannahrose Thu 13-Oct-11 14:46:58


I gave birth 5 months ago at 35 weeks and 2 days. was having labour signals for about a week, then on the day my first antenatal appointment in the evening i went into labour at 34 weeks plus 4 days. i have severe back pain, a show a few days before, feeling sick a burst of energy where i went food shopping cooked a meal then cleaned the whole house top to bottom, then went into labour its like my body knew it was coming to i prepared for it!
I was getting very ratty as i had an irritable uterus, so if i didnt eat or drink enough my BH would start sad

i feel your pain, the last few weeks are horrible but here i am sitting 4 months preg again!!

twogirls1more Thu 13-Oct-11 15:00:20

Thanx Savannahrose! I take it or rather hope that you and baby didn't suffer any complications going into labour a few weeks early? They say the lungs are quite mature by then don't they? I'm fed up as can't seem to just forget about things, keep busy and get on with life for the remainder of pregnancy as I'm constantly being met with reminders that it could be soon! Getting hot flushes too which can be quite uncomfy sad
It's also the not knowing when that's killing me this time as DH works a 2hr drive away and I have 3 others, (incl 18mth old to take care of.) In an ideal world would be good for things to kick off around 38wks.. (shame u can't plan this unless u have c section!!)
Many congrats on ur pregnancy by the way, hope things all go well for you! smile

Savannahrose Thu 13-Oct-11 15:08:42

i ended up having a c section, and i think i will this time around too. as its soo close to the last one i might have to have it early as my scar wont be able to handle the pressure of the new 'bump'. Yes i have a beautiful baby girl she is perfect a bit small but was expected being prem. she didnt have to go the the SCBU either she was feeding brilliant, every hour actually! killed my boobs lol. i am just nervous and worried about this one, i know it is going to be hard.

Kimmie30 Thu 13-Oct-11 15:37:45

I feel your pain twogirls1more!! I am 37 weeks with my 4th baby and my body has been playing tricks on me for 2 weeks now!!! Sooooooooooooo fed up!! There have been several occasions where i have thought this is it only for everything to stopped! Baby isn't even heading near engagement yet...still high and free sad
Everyone keeps saying how it will only be 3 more weeks but i can't take this much longer! Backache, strong braxton hicks, discharge some days and not others, cramping that gets strong and then stops! The list goes on! The worst thought for me is going overdue! I went overdue with all 3 so i know this one won't make an appearance soon sad

twogirls1more Thu 13-Oct-11 17:07:12

Just looked up irritable uterus girls and now wonder if I have one! Had so many false alarms last pregnancy and the contractions were coming minutes apart on several occasions in the six weeks leading up! (alot were painful.) Ended up going to term and as soon as I knew I was def in established labour I was already 9cms!!
Poor you Savannahrose, must have been a big worry at the time for you going into labour early then having to have a c section. sad Hope everything goes according to plan with your current pregnancy, sure you'll be fine smile
Things sound very similar for you Kimmie30! Maybe you're more likely to be in our boat the more kids you have?! The way I feel, whilst I realise it wouldn't be ideal to go into labour right now, just wish my bod would stop winding me up! Plus these signs are all so uncomfortable and annoying aren't they! (Some days I feel so yucky, feel like I have flu!) Like you, I've not had any of my previous early.. (1st was induced 10 days over, 2nd AND 3rd I went into labour actually on my due date, giving birth the following day.) So, not looking promising for even a slightly early appearance necessarily! sad My baby this time was breech on last examination and won't find out if he's turned til next wk, so that's worrying me too!! Good luck anyway and now you're 37wks, I really hope things do happen for you before too long! smile xx

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