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Help! My NHS scan appt is going to be too late for Nuchal Translucency Scan and I'm worried!

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Mikocat Wed 12-Oct-11 15:35:31

I've been given an appointment at Leeds LGI on 7/11, when I will be 14+3. From what I've read this will be too late for the NT scan to be done.

I rang the hospital and the (horrible) receptionist told me that the only appointment they could change my scan to would be one LATER in November and that I'd just have to have the blood test for Down's at 15 weeks?

They are refusing to consider changing my appointment to an earlier one because their records say I will be 13+3 on the day of my appointment, but I had a private dating scan last week that put me a whole week further along (which I suspected right from the start as I am pretty sure that I know when I conceived!). The (horrible) receptionist says that she can't alter my records because they are "an official document" and that my midwife needs to contact them. Meanwhile my midwife has stopped answering his 'phone and I am starting to feel like his stalker!

So I guess the question is - do I have the NT done privately? (it's expensive, but I could afford it if I'm careful this month) or wait and have this blood test done, which I'm sure is meant to be less realiable?

Also - I am 38 and this is my first baby.

PiggyMad Wed 12-Oct-11 15:41:07

have you rang the screening department? There are two ladies who deal with LGI and St James - Alison Perry and Odile Poole. I've got their number if you need it. I would explain the situation to them and see if they can approach the receptionist.

I had my 12-week scan (at St James') and turned out to be 13+3 and they messed up my bloods so I was rushed back in yesterday afternoon for them to take another sample as this was the last date that the blood could be taken (14+1). Odile was very nice and apologetic to me but I was miffed that they had left the dating scan so late when I knew I was going to be over 13 weeks.

My 20-week one is also at 22weeks so I'm not really happy about that either as it makes things that bit more complicated should there be a major issue found.

moonbells Wed 12-Oct-11 15:42:41

This happened to me too - I went on the net, found an accredited Fetal Medicine Centre sonographer and paid for the scan and bloods at my local hospital. Got the results within 24 hours of the scan. I was 39 at the time, so wanted to know if there was a risk of trisomy etc asap, so I could go for a nuchal if need be.

I am still glad I did it.

saoirse86 Wed 12-Oct-11 15:48:01

If it were me I'd make an app with the gp if you can't get hold of your mw. (is it just today you've tried calling him? Maybe try again over the next few days) or contact the community mw team if you have their details as their office will be open normal office hours.

Then I'd be pushing to see if they can contact the hospital to change the app or have another scan done earlier elsewhere. My SIL had her 12 week scan at a health centre even though she'll be having the baby at a very nearby hospital. At least ask to have the blood test done at the right time by your dates rather than theirs.

I actually had my first scan at 16+3 because I'd had irregular bleeding till 7 weeks and couldn't work out my cycle at all. All was fine, but then I was 23 so I know that puts my chances of having a downs child much lower than for you so I understand your concerns.

Good luck!

GoldenGreen Wed 12-Oct-11 15:48:03

I didn't even realise they did the NT scan at Leeds - I wonder if this is a new thing?

Anyway, if you want it, and no joy with the screening dept, you'll have to go privately I guess. I found the Leeds Screening Centre, Sheepscar to be very good.

PiggyMad Wed 12-Oct-11 15:52:05

Golden - my midwife told me that they've just recently started doing it this year. Tbh, the worry and stress it has caused me, both due to blood mix-up and higher than average NT, I don't think I would bother having it with any future children.

saoirse86 Wed 12-Oct-11 15:53:18

Piggy because I had my dates wrong for my first scan, my 20 week scan should've been about 4 weeks later but the receptionist point blank refused to do it then. I ended up having it at 23+4 and I was told off when I got to it for it being so late.
I didn't appreciate really how important it was at the time but looking back that receptionist should have known.

PiggyMad Wed 12-Oct-11 16:02:45

Saroise - I'm glad everything turned out ok for you. I find it frustrating that they are the ones that should really be aware of the implications of late dating and anomaly scans and if you question them you're given short shrift! I know they must get people wanting to rearrange appointments all the time and it is probably very annoying, but they really should ensure that people get the screening procedures done within the right time to be able to deal with any issues in as least traumatic way as possible.

ps sorry to hijack op - I'm still a bit raw about the whole thing!

MillyStar Wed 12-Oct-11 16:13:09

I had my scan last Fri and i was 13+1, little monkey wouldnt stay still and was being awkward and i couldnt have nuchal measurements done, she said they can do it with bloods only from 16 weeks so i'm booked in at 17 weeks, to be honest i feel fine about it but if you're really worried kick up a bigger fuss or you may have to pay for a private one, i hope you get it sorted out x

Mikocat Wed 12-Oct-11 19:27:05

Thanks everyone! Piggymad I would really appreciate that number - thanks!

I've been trying to call MW for 2 days, but I do have an appointment with my doctor on Friday, so if I get no joy before then I may try and get her onside.

If no joy I think I'll go to the Leeds Screening Centre, I had my early 'reassurance' scan done there and they were lovely.

PiggyMad Wed 12-Oct-11 20:14:43

Have sent PM as didn't want to put their mobile numbers on the forum!

Mum2be79 Wed 12-Oct-11 22:31:50

Poor you. Doesn't surprise me. I had to contact PALS about York Hospital as they too would have had me too late for my dating scan and when I first contacted them, I was already 12 weeks and had no appointment. (July 2011)

It seems since they had been ding the nuchal scan (April 2011) they have been having issues with demand. Seems there is a baby boom looking. My MW said today that she's never seen my village so busy with midwife appointments shock

Mikocat Thu 13-Oct-11 17:00:21

Still no reply from the midwife, have left messages Tuesday and yesterday with no joy. Today I rang my doctor's surgery who said they think he's away! I spoke to the midwifery office and they say to try him again on his mobile tomorrow.

I can't believe that nobody can progress this except him!

Anyway, I am seeing my lovely doctor tomorrow after work, so if he still hasn't got back to me I may try to get her on side. Failing that it's looking like my next move is to try ringing the screening office and if they can't help then it's a private scan for me!

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