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Help! Morning sickness doing my head in

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kayzed Wed 21-Dec-05 18:16:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jellyjelly Wed 21-Dec-05 20:07:45

Boil up pasta, throw the pasta away or eat it if you can and then cool the water and drink it when you feel ill.

HumphreysCorner Wed 21-Dec-05 20:14:09

I really feel for you hun. I'm 12+4 and still feeling nauseous but not half as bad as with DD last time-only felt better after 5 months. Hoping it isn't going to last as long this time. I am living on hot chocolate as everything else including water makes me sick. Can't eat cereal or toast (too smelly) but am managing an egg and bread and butter in a morning. I can't plan meals as the thought makes me sick and as for cleaning my teeth-yuck!

Don't know what to say as it will only go when it is ready. I find I have to eat something every 2 hours otherwise I'm sick. Like you can't bear the heat of the fire or the car heater-bizarre isn't it?

Got a stinking cold at the moment so can't smell much-hurrah!

Lots of luck and really do hope you feel better soon.

If you are due in July why don't you join our antenatal thread? You would me most welcome.


Frostythesurfmum Wed 21-Dec-05 20:19:18

Oh poor you. I had morning sickness really badly too. Morning my @rse, more like all day and all night. Sorry to say but nothing made any difference, and like you I couldn't even look at food, let alone set food in a supermarket. I ended up eating iced donuts as i knew they tasted ok on the way up as well as on the way down. My GP prescribed some Stemetil which didn't work, but it might be worth speaking to your GP as they might do for you. Hang on in there though as, I did manage to get back to work at about 13 weeks when it eased considerably and, as long as I didn't get too hungry, I was only sick in the mornings.

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles Wed 21-Dec-05 20:25:37

I've just started with it so I really sympathise with you.

I was hoping that I wouldn't get it again but I 'm just not that lucky

Cooking smells, the thought of certain foods well most foods really is making me heave.

I'm just supping on water cos I cannot bear to drink tea or juice. I'm constantly taking my sickness bands on and off.
My only saviour is eating a satsuma or orange on a morning, oh and rich tea biscuits. Exactly the same as my last pregnancy.

If i'm feeling particularly crap I go and get some fresh air as that can be a big help.

To top it all off, I've started to feel dizzy and light headed today and I'm only 7 weeks

5 ish more weeks to go

kayzed Wed 21-Dec-05 20:53:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notasheep Wed 21-Dec-05 21:53:31

Kayzed-please accept heaps of sympathy,i do feel for you.I had nausea right up to labour day!!!

I would agree with nibbling Rich Tea biscuits,I couldnt live with out them,but get Mcvities. the shop own brand just crumbled and were not good at all

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles Thu 22-Dec-05 09:34:03

Thats very true notasheep!

I'm going to be stocking up on them today.

I think now that Satsumas on a morning are the way forward!

HumphreysCorner Thu 22-Dec-05 15:58:15

Rich Tea Fingers 'R' US-absolutely any brand for me

Tried a cup of tea earlier cos of my cold so knew I wouldn't be able to smell it-still tasted yuk though.


alicatsg Thu 22-Dec-05 16:04:19

put a slice of lemon and a thin slice of ginger into a cup. Cover with boiling water. Let cool and sip slowly.

Ginger is really good for nausea. Also worth getting lemon oil to sniff at when the waves of nausea hit. Don't get out of bed until you've eaten something, eat little and often during the day (I found dry branflakes a god send).

kayzed Thu 22-Dec-05 16:57:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starandsnowshaker Thu 22-Dec-05 17:03:14

so sorry ur going through this i had really bad sickness untill 3 days after dd was born (was told it stopped cos baby hormones were out my body) it was awful and the only thing that worked for me was redbull. i know is not the best thing but it was the only way i could eat something

kayzed Thu 22-Dec-05 17:12:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maybetwo Thu 22-Dec-05 17:32:05

horrid horrid horrid, nothing seems to make it go for me. Think ill try the lemon oil.

thebecster Thu 22-Dec-05 17:32:32

I had horrible morning-noon-and-night sickness up until Thursday last week, when I went for acupuncture. I was 16 weeks then and I was getting no better at all, but I haven't been sick since I had acupuncture and my energy levels are better too. I'd tried everything else - ginger, homeopathic remedies, Sea Bands, frequent snacks etc. etc. The only thing which helped besides the acupunture was taking vitamin B6 - 25 mg twice a day. I'd recommend that too. The acupunture cost £50 but it was worth every penny. My Dad said at the time 'I wouldn't let anyone stick needles in me!' and I said 'Well, after 3 months of constant vomiting, you might find you're prepared to let anyone do anything to make it better!' Sympathies to all - I really hated feeling like that.

jinglediddle Thu 22-Dec-05 17:48:18

well i have just got over my morning, afternoon and night sickness, i was like you couldn't stand cooking, smells (the dryer still makes me heave) couldn't eat after 5.00pm was horrendous, tried everything, nothing helped, i used to go to bed early so i could sleep and not feel sick.

I can tell you that it will pass. towards 12 wks it got better for me, i had a small snack every hour and it seemed to work.

guzzler Thu 22-Dec-05 18:36:52

feel for you - I really suffered for the first 17 weeks of this pregnancy - everything made me gag - even the smell of DD1's (age 2) head (actually the very best smell in the world).... all I can say is now at 38 weeks it seems like a world ago and all I do when I feel the aches and pains of later pregnancy is think back to those weeks and realise this is just a walk in the park..... so you'll have this to get you through too....

eemie Thu 22-Dec-05 19:23:42

Sorry you're going through this, it's awful. Little to say except that research shows that women who have sickness have slightly more successful pregnancies, overall, than women who don't. LOL at the e-mail in the Guardian today from a woman saying morning sickness is a pretty good argument against intelligent design.

I got some relief from:-

1) sleep whenever possible (I know not much chance when you have a 2-year-old)

2) being in water - immersed in a deep bath, or swimming pool if you can stand the chlorine

3) sucking on a hard sweet - had to be a mild flavour like butterscotch

4) chilling stuff - iced water better than tap, bananas or mashed potato from fridge better than room temperature

5) accepting that it's bloody awful and not blaming myself every time I chucked (e.g. I shouldn't/should have had that piece of toast).

6) My aunt told me that she used to lie on the bathroom floor moaning 'just let me die'. You could try that .

Hope it will calm down soon.

kayzed Sat 24-Dec-05 17:27:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frizbethebumpedupreindeer Sat 24-Dec-05 17:29:20

Ginger Ale worked for me, not the beer, do not get that horrible stuff under any circumstances, but small sips of ginger ale, as and when you feel nauseous helps, hope you feel better soon

ei23mistletoe Sat 24-Dec-05 21:20:00

i suffered with awful morning sickness at the start of this pregnancy (im 39+2 now) and i found that nothing really helped all that much and then a friend sent me some avent pregnant mum oils that help you sleep and that type of thing and i found that these really helped me to relax and also eased the nausea!! rather ingenious i think- theyre like an aromatherapy thing and you can buy them in mothercare and babies-r-us for quite cheap well worth trying out as it can only help you or do nowt!! hope that helps you. good luck hun

kayzed Thu 29-Dec-05 18:47:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blondie82 Thu 29-Dec-05 19:36:57

i used to find that ginger biscuits did the job with me

anchovies Thu 29-Dec-05 19:42:00

I kept my sea bands on almost constantly, sometimes took them off at night but made sure they were always on in time for first thing in the morning. Not sure how much they helped though. Only thing that I was sure helped was ice lollys and even they weren't that reliable!

diamondlilly Wed 12-Oct-16 14:07:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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