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Weight - is this right doesnt feel it!!

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Cazm2 Tue 11-Oct-11 15:03:29

Hi All

I had my 16 week with the midwife where i was weighed and I am terrified and slightly upset. I weight 78kg when i had my booking in but i have been ever so sick and had tablets etc. I weighed 88kg this morning! I calculated this in lbs and stones, and i have apparently put on over a stone!!!!!!!

However my clothes still fit etc and i havent been eating that much more no that sickness is easing!

could it be that i weighed more this morning and might be less this evening?

i am really worried about putting on too much weight now!!!

i was overweight to start with but much of this if you looked at me is my boobs!!! i am size 32j normally!

BartletForAmerica Tue 11-Oct-11 15:09:20

Most midwives don't weigh women during pregnancy anymore because once you have initial BMI for risk stratification, the result doesn't matter.

Weight gain isn't just fat though. You have massively increased blood volume for example.

This might help

Cazm2 Tue 11-Oct-11 15:14:53

Thanks. I get weighed everytime I go she told me today. It just apart from my tummy showing i dont really look any different!

pregnantmimi Thu 13-Oct-11 07:43:47

dont worry if it makes you feel better i put 2 stone on in the first trimester! Im in the last trimester now and I only put a stone on so it evens out even so I remember putting half a stone on in a week it cant be real weight so dont worry it can come of after plus your going to get big anyway so enjoy it eat what you like on top of being healthy of course xx

Flisspaps Thu 13-Oct-11 08:26:17

You can also refuse to get on the scales at your appointments and say you don't want routine weight measurements taken.

I don't know of any women who are routinely weighed. It's just one more thing to cause you unnecessary stress.

LoveBeingAWitch Thu 13-Oct-11 08:49:42

Op the resin your clothes fit is because its probably not 'weight' that you've pit on, remember there are lots of changes in your body, more fluid, more blood, a growing baby and their support system.

I didn't put any weight on when pg, but I lost weight on my body cause it was going to my growing bump iyswim.

Don't worry about putting on weight. You are oh it is highly likely you will put some weight on, but you can be sensible. Remember you don't have to eat for two but you do need to eat regularly and healthy(ish)

TimeWasting Thu 13-Oct-11 08:59:53

You're supposed to put some weight on during pregnancy, there's another person growing inside you!

I think a lot of the weight that goes on does go on early. For instance the uterus grows during the first part of pregnancy and stretches towards the end, so that weight gain due to increased size of uterus will happen early on.

They do routinely weigh overweight pregnant women these days though, our PCT asks you to go to healthy eating classes too.

Of course there's a very big chance the scales haven't measured one of those weights correctly. I get a 6kg difference between the midwives scales and the ante-natal clinics at the hospital.

AlpinePony Thu 13-Oct-11 09:06:22

hello, try not to take it to heart - and try and step away from the scales - that way madness lies! At least until the day you have the baby, then you want to be able to say "ooooh, I've lost 15kg since yesterday, clever me!" wink.

During my first pregnancy I put on 10kg in the first trimester. This time I'm 22 weeks and I've put on 1kg.

Every pregnancy is different and the only goal is a healthy baby, so try not to let it upset you.

I once read that Whitney Houston went from 7 to 14 stone during hers and Sian Williams said on BBC breakfast earlier this year that she'd put on 4 stone each and every time and she's a tiny person. It happens.

pommedechocolat Thu 13-Oct-11 09:06:36

I've put on a stone and I'm 19 weeks if it is any help!

I'm not too worried as vaguely remember having put on this amount of weight with dd and with her I put on two stone overall which I think is fine.

Cazm2 Thu 13-Oct-11 11:31:09

thanks for your replies ladies!! i reweighed myself at home as i knew that it wasnt right i havent put on nearly 20lbs!! it actually comes out nearer 7lbs!! she must have glanced at the scales incorrectly. i would definatley notice straight away after putting on nearly a stone and half and i havent been keeping that much down1!!

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