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Can anyone talk to me about water births?

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NoobyNoob Tue 11-Oct-11 14:31:24

I had my midwife appt this morning, and I've been given a green 'midwife led care' sticker over my purple 'consultant' one. Hoooorah!

So, she's put a lot of ideas in my head about the birth. I've been so resigned to the fact that I want an epidural that I haven't thought about anything else, this was also the case with my DS. She now says that as I'm low risk, I can consider a home birth or a water birth.

I know it's a daft thing to say, but I don't 'do' pain, so have never even considered anything but lots of drugs.

Have any of you blossoming beauties had or are considering a water birth?

greengoose Tue 11-Oct-11 15:49:56

Hi Nooby, Ive had both, an epidural with DS1 and a waterbirth with DS2. The Epidural was the most painful experience of my life (they put it in wrong).... more so than the rest of the botch job of a birth.... but I know for some they are a huge relief.
The water birth was at a MW led unit with my commnity midwife who had been with me at home from the start of labour (she nipped home for some tea at one point). She called ahead for them to fill the pool, and I was the only one in the unit that evening. They cheered as I came in the door, as I was so obviously nearly there! The tens machine was whipped off and I kneeled in the water holding my DHs hand and the MW hand, and after 10mins of big pushing reached down and felt my DS2s head, another push and he was out and I pulled him up to me. We cuddled for a bit then I got out because the water was manky.
I had torn pretty badly, but didnt feel it because of the water. (but this happened with first birth too, and both healed fine, not as big a deal as I thought it would be).
The MWs on duty all piled in for a look at DS, and brought me a cup of tea while I delivered the placenta. DS latched on and fed. There were candles and it was all very lovely, and a bit of a hoot after DS1 birth story from hell.
The main difference was for some reason I wasnt scared the second time, I knew I was in control. This was hepled by a wonderful midwife and a calm DH. (Although he had forgotten the camera, which I was not happy about...put it in the bag)! I think what Im trying to say is that for me the lack of medical bits and pieces and doctors and equipement was a possitive. I hate needles. I think if you are reassured by the medical stuff then a water birth would not be right for you....... but for me it was honestly a joy, and I didnt believe people who said they could enjoy giving birth until then!
Good luck with whatever you decide... you can always change your mind if it isnt working!

greengoose Tue 11-Oct-11 15:50:27

sorry such a gobby post..... oops.

RubyLovesMayMay Tue 11-Oct-11 15:57:19

I never even considered it until I was in labour and the MW asked me if I wanted to get in the pool. So I did, and it was great until...

my waters broke and DD has done a poo inside me so I had to get out (cant give birth in water when that happens apparently)

so had to get out and back to my bed between contractions and gave birth 7 mins later.

Only had gas and air because Im hardcore and I was okay with that and I really didnt want an epidural unless it was the absolute last resort.

Pregnant with DC2 now and I will be going for that again if I can and hopefully be able to actually give birth in the water this time

RubyLovesMayMay Tue 11-Oct-11 16:02:46

greengoose I can imagine you're right about the not feeling it in the water. The worst part of giving birth for me was the burning sensation when you actually push the baby out, I can imagine the water helps that loads <wishful thinking>

I was in an inner city hopital as well but it was obviously a very quiet saturday night so it was all very calm.

Mouseketool Tue 11-Oct-11 16:40:10

It was lovely. I would do it again tomorrow. DH said it looked like the scene behind a Japanese whaling boat but I honestly didn't notice. I was kneeling over the edge holding DH's hand and the gas and air. Worst part of labour for me was getting out to deliver the placenta

Caz10 Tue 11-Oct-11 16:52:41

Have done it twice and can't imagine any other way! Still hurts don't get me wrong, but was a very positive experience! No "ring of fire" experience ie crowning pain either!

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