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ok so how many of you have actually had "harmless spotting" in early pg?

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HopingForAZoo Tue 11-Oct-11 00:42:03

I have one Ds 18 months. Had a mc 6 months ago. Now I am pg 6+2. I had a little bit of pink spotting today and was just curious how many people have spotting that turn out to be simply...nothing. Thanks.

HopingForAZoo Tue 11-Oct-11 00:43:59

I know everything says its normal in 20-30%the of women but I just wanted some real answers.

posterofaquiche Tue 11-Oct-11 00:45:14

I did, I now have a perfectly healthy little girl.

Still have no idea what caused it.

Hope all goes well for you < fingers and toes crossed>

OldBagWantsNewBag Tue 11-Oct-11 00:46:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

startail Tue 11-Oct-11 00:47:43

I did with both DDs around 8 weeks. Very scary the first time because DD1 took over 18 months to conceive.

startail Tue 11-Oct-11 00:48:19

Good luck

hidinginthecupboard Tue 11-Oct-11 00:54:20

I did on and off for the first 10 weeks, all fine if a bit worrying at the time, DS is now 4.
Try not to worry (easier said than done I know)

OvOntToSuckYourBlood Tue 11-Oct-11 01:06:58

I did with my DS1 and DS3.

With my DS1 I had a scan at around 6 weeks (for non bleeding related reasons) and they could see the bleeding on the screen. Said everything was fine and it was just implantation.

Good luck with your pregnancy.

Etwinkles Tue 11-Oct-11 01:13:19

I had major bleeding at 6 weeks, so much so that we were convinced I had miscarried. Also spotted at least twice more in the first trimester, but now have 4 week old twins.

Hope it works out for you.

NatashaBee Tue 11-Oct-11 04:48:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Horopu Tue 11-Oct-11 05:25:12

I had spotting with ds1, quite a lot. 2nd pregnancy had some that turned into a miscarriage. DS2 no spotting. DS3 had some spotting but not a lot.

RottenRow Tue 11-Oct-11 05:28:17

I did at 10 or 11 weeks. Dd2 asleep on me now

RickGhastley Tue 11-Oct-11 05:40:43

I had no bleeding with DC1, spotting that quickly turned into a m/c at 9 weeks with DC2 and 12 weeks of periodic spotting and major bleeding with my current PG (am 23 weeks PG and cannot quite believe baby is still here after some of the bleeds!)

Dr said that bleeding at 6 weeks is pretty common and is called "implantation bleeding" so perhaps that is what you are experiencing?

I hope all goes well for you x

CitizenOscar Tue 11-Oct-11 05:47:51

I did too. Can't even remember the details now but it all was fine. Good luck with your pregnancy.

nooka Tue 11-Oct-11 06:01:31

I did with ds and it looked/felt like the beginning of my period, it was after we tested positive so probably around about 6 weeks. ds is now 12.

ZakuroFujiwara Tue 11-Oct-11 06:29:15

I bled the whole way through from 6 weeks to 39 weeks when I had my section - sometimes spotting, sometimes like a period. My daughter is now 2.5 and absolutely fine grin. It was hugely worrying at the time though - I was scanned a thousand times and, to this day, still don't know what caused it!

hayleysd Tue 11-Oct-11 06:41:12

I did at 8 weeks and 13 weeks, I had a nightmare pregnancy with low fluid, high blood pressure, protein in urine, iugr but ds is fine now just little.

PeggyCarter Tue 11-Oct-11 06:52:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

happenstance Tue 11-Oct-11 07:49:03

Yep Both pregnancys about 6+weeks, one healthy DC and 16weeks with the second

Hope you are ok

Maisiethemorningsidecat Tue 11-Oct-11 07:55:38

I did with DC1 - went onto have a perfectly normal pregnancy and birth. He's nearly 14 now, but it scared the life out of me.

Hope all goes well for you smile

I had spotting at around 6 weeks which turned into heavy bleeds at 11 weeks+ with both DSs, and then reoccurred randomly throughout the rest of the pregnancies. Never had a proper explanation, but both DSs were fine even if I was amazingly stressed smile

edwinbear Tue 11-Oct-11 07:59:46

I did too. Started at 7+3 and I had episodes throughout the pregnancy, very frightening the first few times, but I did become 'used' to it as the pregnancy progressed. When I had the first scan at 7+3 it turned out that I had a vansihing twin, ie DS was there with a heartbeat and there was also an empty sac which probably held a twin that didn't develop. Had a very straightforward pregnancy otherwise and DS is a happy and healthy 2 yr old.

clam Tue 11-Oct-11 08:00:29

Me too. Round about 6 weeks with DS (now 15!). Went for a scan, and there was a little pulsating kidney bean on the screen, all fine and dandy!

HerdOfTinyElephants Tue 11-Oct-11 08:04:18

I did early on with DS and DD1. I didn't with DD2 and oddly enough that had me worried because I had with the other two.

mamasmissionimpossible Tue 11-Oct-11 08:12:59

I had light bleeds at 7 weeks (ds) and 9 weeks (dd) and they both fighting fit and it didn't appear to affect the pregnancy. I haven't had a bleed with this pg (am now 20 weeks), and so far it seems to be going well too.

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