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Not informed of thyroid issue and now 18 weeks pg

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Shooby71 Mon 10-Oct-11 18:02:19

I have found out purely by accident that I have an appointment on Wed to see a thyroid specialist as apparently the blood results for thyroid function at booking appt (8 weeks) was abnormal (5.25?). This I found out after speaking to several different people
I am now highly anxious after reading all sorts of things on the matter.
At the end of my tether and worried about the effects on my unborn as had an abnormal nuchal scan which has cocme back normal on the down syndrome/chromosomal abnormalities front but am awaiting a fetal echo to assess heart problems possibly associated with the nuchal measurement.
Any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated as I am beside myself with worry.

pregnantmimi Mon 10-Oct-11 22:48:10

Mine was abnormal for the first 3 months no one told me! No letter dispite me having a blood test silly doctors. I just have growth scans now every month Im 28 weeks baby growth been normal last one he was measuring a bit under the chart but other than that been ok just get it sorted soon as at the doctors xx

notlettingthefearshow Mon 10-Oct-11 23:27:40

The hospital has been very slack - They should have rushed you in to see the endocrinologist. However, for now just make sure you take the thyroxin you are prescribed - there is nothing else you can do. The fact that you weren't diagnosed pre-pregnancy probably means that your levels aren't that off. My endocrinologist told me it's only a worry for the baby when the mother has very high or low levels AND does not take the medication. I think they will monitor you very closely now.

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