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Babyhopes88 Mon 10-Oct-11 16:29:29

I am very excited, I took my first 50mg clomid tablet today smile the only problems is I am not 100% when I need to start having Sex with my partner. If today is the 11th , Would I start having sex on the 18th ?

Thank you....

rabbitfeet Mon 10-Oct-11 17:08:27


Ovulating on clomid can be really unpredictable - I had four cycles of clomid and they were 32 days, 39, 44 and 54 days. This is unusual apparently, but bear in mind that it's very unlikely you will have 28 day cycles with clomid.

I'd recommend sex every other day and using ovulation sticks (although these didn't work for me - don't know if I had a dodgy batch).

Good luck!

Babyhopes88 Tue 11-Oct-11 13:02:19

Thank you, I have just gone and bought an ovulation kit, So we shall see what happens, Thanks for your feedback, It means alot to me. xx

Montsti Tue 11-Oct-11 14:10:44

I am currently just over 7 weeks pregnant with DC2 after conceiving 2nd month of clomid (conceived 1st month on clomid with DS!)...have my 1st scan at the end of this week so praying all is more nervous this time...

I took 50mg of clomid from CD3-7. We BD'd from CD8 every other day (twice on day of ovulation) until day after ovulation (CD16 in my case) - used ovulation tests from about CD12. I ovulated on CD18 on the 1st cycle and then on CD16-17 on 2nd cycle so fairly regular...without clomid my cycles were as long as 50 days so an anovulation definitely seems to be my issue as no other problem found and DH has been tested and no problem. Maybe this is why (fingers crossed with DC2) clomid has worked for me..

Good luck - really hope it works for you!

Babyhopes88 Tue 11-Oct-11 16:12:30

Montsti - Thank you for your comments. again it means alot to me to hear different tips, I will take on board everything said.

I hope your scan goes well & congratulations

Thanks x

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