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Dilemma - to test at the end of the week or leave it a couple of weeks?

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SeriouslyStrongCheddar Mon 10-Oct-11 07:11:22

Morning all. I'm pondering the age old 'to test, or not to test' dilemma, so thought I'd throw it your way for a bit of input.

LMP started 13/09. Cycles are not terribly regular, but last three have been 31/32 days with ovulation on day 17. I think ov was possibly delayed a couple of days this month due to some minor stress. DTD round the relevant time. I've ordered some 10mIU mid-stream tests online which should arrive later this week.

Now, it's our first month of TTC #1 and I've never had any intention of testing early as have a concern over chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage (think I'd rather not know if I was pregnant if I was going to have a loss <6 weeks, if you know what I mean) - always planned to wait for missed period, then give it a couple of weeks.

Never expected to notice any symptoms (don't think I've been consciously looking for them, but I guess I may have been) but since 2 or three days after ovulation (not sure exactly when as I just noticed it suddently) I've been feeling queasy after breakfast. This is extremely unusual for me as I have a stomach of iron and very, very rarely have any issues with sickness. It comes and goes through the day (every day since) and is only resolved by eating something. No actual sickness. Also very tired - but not sure that means anything as have been a bit tired for a while. The last day or so I've had some lower abdominal pain - similar to that which I usually get on first or second day of period, but not quite as bad; I never get this before my period has started, usually.

So, the question I'm pondering is this - test on Friday or the weekend if the test arrive, or leave it for a couple of weeks?

Pastabee Mon 10-Oct-11 07:23:20

There's no harm in testing IMO provided you know that a negative at this point could simply mean hormone levels aren't high enough to detect and therefore if your period doesn't subsequently start you'll need to test again.

Another thing to consider how good are the sticks you've bought? I used a test designed for 6 days before period and used it 4 days before and got a faint line.

Hope you get the BFP you are after!

BikeRunSki Mon 10-Oct-11 07:49:01

As Pasta bee said, you can test now, but beware you might get a false negative. I have always waited for a few days after missed period to be sure, and rather enjoy those couple of weeks of anticipation.

SeriouslyStrongCheddar Mon 10-Oct-11 18:12:18

Thanks for the input. Think I will test on Friday (assuming tests arrive and AF doesn't!). Had one of those days that put things in perspective - if I do get a BFP there's only so much I can do to control what happens, be it in the first six weeks or further down the line, so there's no point worrying.

Here's hoping for a BFP - 'cause otherwise I really do need to see the doc about why I'm feeling so flaming grim lately!

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