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Known i was pg for 5 days and still havent told anyone...

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vix1980 Mon 10-Oct-11 06:36:16

Not even my partner, whats wrong with me?? dont know why im so afraid to tell people i just cant bring myself to say those words not even to him and i know i will have to at some point (unless i wait and get the baby to tell them).

Its still early days and last time had a mc at 5 1/2 weeks so i think if i wait till i get past that all will be ok and i can be happy telling him, i know in reality it wont be ok and ill still be constantly worried about every little things, am i just being really stupid. hes expecting me to help him dig out a floor in our house today to lay joists, ive been awake since half 4 so i know around 11ish ill be ready for bed again but wont be able to get out of helping him... is this the dreaded pg hormones making me weird??

BonzaBlue Mon 10-Oct-11 07:53:20

Oh I understand totally - I had a mmc in feb this year then fell pregnant in March. I waited for a while to tell DH. I was going to wait until 10 / 11 weeks - what was I thinking (?) as I show almost immediately LOL ... so eventually told him after about a week or so of knowing !

Good Luck XXX

vix1980 Mon 10-Oct-11 10:09:09

We do weird things when were pregnant dont we, luckily i have a bit of a belly so can disguise it a bit longer before anyone notices, i dont know how anyone has missed the massive lumps that have appeared on my chest though, only 4ish weeks and theyre starting to get in the way of everyday things!

Onlymydogunderstandsme Mon 10-Oct-11 14:06:04

Hi there, I am in the same situation. I'm 5+2 today and haven't told DP, mainly because I haven't seen him and won't until the weekend! I can Rhein myself to do it over the phone! We had a mc last month which happened when I was 5+2, in my head I wanted to get past that point altho I know it really has no relevance!! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow though and want to chat about it, sure it's because of the mc and I'm scared I will go wrong again!!

vix1980 Mon 10-Oct-11 21:19:01

I know what you mean, i think i need to get past the 5 1/2 week mark so i can settle down, along with the not sleeping, stress of renovating a house and feeling constantly dizzy its no wonder all i want to do is curl up and cry in bed to have a bit of peace to myself. Im going to the doctors on wednesday to try and book an early scan (if youve had an early mc your also entitled to one)

Once ive been to the doctor ill definatly have to tell him arrrggghhh!!!

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