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Pregnancy Rhinitis driving me mad!

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teacher123 Mon 10-Oct-11 05:23:05

Hi all, have been up since 4am unable to breathe through my nose with congestion that is impossible to clear. I'm 11wks pregnant. I've been very sneezy/bunged up since I found out I was pregnant, but this is definitely the worst that it's been. Everytime I feel myself dropping off to sleep I panic and think I can't breathe and wake up again. Have tried Vicks, saline nasal spray, hayfever/decongestant spray and steam but nothing is helping. I feel rubbish :-( has anyone else suffered from this and got any fantastic tips that I haven't tried? Or are there any OTC decongestants I could take? Am going to try and get a drs appt today. If I manage to stay awake long enough.

YBR Mon 10-Oct-11 07:25:03

I get rhinitus anyway and by GP switched me onto a prescription nasal spray so there are medicines you can take - he said it was safer than OTC Beconase, plus it's free!
Give it a few days to really get working though.

Rikalaily Mon 10-Oct-11 08:02:27

You shouldn't use anything with a decongestant in when you are pregnant. I had gestational rhinitis with my last pregnancy, you can take Piriton while you are pregnant, your GP can prescribe it.

teacher123 Mon 10-Oct-11 13:45:55

Managed to get a Drs appt and have been prescribed Beconase.... Fingers crossed I manage some sleep tonight! Thank you for your replies.

dooscooby Mon 10-Oct-11 14:28:12

Hi - i've had this problem all the way through and it's so annoying, I feel for you. I haven't really bothered with anything other than the breathe right strips every evening/night (and during the day when I'm at home) which help a bit but are costly throughout the entire pregnancy! Maybe I should mention it to my Doctor - I jus assumed they'd say they can't help and you can't take anything!

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