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26 weeks, HUGELY swollen labia... eek

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PreggoEggo Sat 08-Oct-11 22:24:40

This is my third baby, and I am nearly 26 weeks. I remember I had a bit of swelling in my 'lady bits' blush with DD2, but this time started at 20 weeks and I am getting so uncomfy and it can be really painful. To the point where going to the loo is painful (forget bowel movements Im paranoid something might pop!). I went to the doc who said ooh yes that IS rather swollen I will give you some cream but then she also had an appointment with my energetic 3 yr old after so quickly forgot the cream (as did i) and now I am too embarrassed to go back and ask for a prescription.
Has anyone else had this quite badly and any remedies that work? Im thinking of getting one of those 'fem pad' fridge things and have been applying some aloe vera....

fidelma Sun 09-Oct-11 00:10:08

Sounds like a varicous (sp?) vain.Go back to the Dr/MW get help.I think support tights and putting your legs up helps.

sammietee79 Sun 09-Oct-11 15:46:24

natural yoghurt spread on a pad works wonders for soothing sore bits!

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