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darwin2010 Sat 08-Oct-11 20:23:45

Just need some wise words of wisdom on what I should do.
I am currently traveling in Asia, and my partner visited me, I was on Marvalon, but had a slight case of "jelly Belly" and was being sick amongst others. The last time I had Intercourse was 28th August, then my pill stopped on the 29th

I have now done 6 pregnancy tests all negative, then I went and saw an International hospital, with probably the most expensive pregnancy test ever, I did ask for a blood test but they did not want to give me one (maybe slight language barrier)

But I have still not had a period. Its now roughly coming up to 6 weeks, I have stopped taking the marvalon and nothing..... I have had no symptoms of the period starting, no sore boobs.
Only odd symptoms is maybe a bit more sounds gross "discharge" and when I go running I get really "mild" period style cramps.

Not sure really what to do, The doctor said I need to relax take care no drinking etc. But I have been doing that the last 3 months of traveling. I dont particulary want to go back and see the international hospital due it it being nearly $200 just to pee on a stick.

So what your advice, opinions and what we be a logical step. I know another pregancy test defo, but please remember I am in Asia and sometimes are "same same, but different"

Thanks smile

AKMD Sat 08-Oct-11 20:55:43

I would say you... probably... aren't pregnant. Pregnancy tests are ok to use even a couple of days before your period is due and should have shown a pregnancy by now. It's more likely that your body is reacting to coming off the Pill and your periods will be irregular for a while.

notlettingthefearshow Sat 08-Oct-11 21:54:39

It seems very unlikely you're pregnant all those tests say no - especially after so many weeks. It's quite normal to have a late period for 'no reason', especially in your circumstances.

redexpat Sun 09-Oct-11 03:30:39

Travelling can really stuff up you cycle, but I doubt it would give that many negative tests. It can be scary because you're so used to having periods at regular intervals so when one fails to emerge you assume that you're pregnant until proven otherwise. I think you'll just have to wait for your proof.

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