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Can anyone recommend a good pregnancy book?

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salempickles Fri 07-Oct-11 09:21:22

Hi, Ive had a look at amazon and they all seem to be the same, rather than buying 5 books all telling me the same thing id rather hear which 1 you could not of lived without, i have already bought the rough guide to pregnancy after reading about it on here, but would like 1 that tells you week to week things, along with what to do once the baby is born? any ideas...

thegingerone Fri 07-Oct-11 12:52:25

I was going to suggest the rough guide!!! i bought the miriam stoppard one too. ( My version now being 8.5 yrs old!) i have only just read some of the sections this pg (no 3). So that's prob not a recomendation!! I'd pop into your nearest big bookstore and flick through a few. Consider however whether you want a preg bible. I'd have been fine with rough guide, mumsnet for immediate questions and Kidwrangling (the "sequel" to rough guide to preg!) You get given a book called birth to five by your health visitor (i think) which gives you a very top line summmary of development and stuff like that. You'll find your instincts( and Mumsnet) will get you through.

Good luck!!

SjuperWereWolef Fri 07-Oct-11 12:57:12

the best thing i have read this pregnancy is actually a free massive guide from tommys the baby charity, it takes about a week to deliver but is well worth the wait click here to order

absolutey brilliant, for myself at least and being free theres nothing to lose smile

Ellypoo Fri 07-Oct-11 13:20:53

I am currently reading the rough guide which is great, but my sister also gave me a Dr Miriam Stoppard one which is really helpful for reference and takes you through pg week by week, as well as really helpful things afterwards like how to bath/clean the baby, and the things that you really need (not the same as the lists in the magazines/mothercare catalogues!!!). Either of these (or both) I would recommend - also, I got a Miriam Stoppard book out of the library for first time parents which was also dead helpful.

nickelbabe Fri 07-Oct-11 13:22:44

i've got a DK one, and it's very good (written by someone who's not only an obstetrician, but also has twins), btu every now and then something american slips in (uuaully spelling)

You know what, though, most of what I've learned about pregnancy, I've learned from here and the free purple NHS book.

Liveinthepresent Fri 07-Oct-11 13:33:07

I liked this one - especially in early stages it was lovely reading it every day - and lots of pictures that helped me get my head round what was going on inside me -

the other classic I believe is -

though I didnt have this one.

Found this good for early days with a new baby -

You are right if you buy more than a couple then you do get overlap - didnt stop me though!
Enjoy your pregnancy.

Reallea Fri 07-Oct-11 16:53:48

I love this book, see reviews your pregnancy week by week its not written week by week though, more stage by stage. It's by obstetrician Lesley Regan, probably it's the one recommended above but I don't know where the americanisms come in as she is trained in and practices in the UK

mildertduck Fri 07-Oct-11 17:11:01

I really like the Lesley Regan book too; really thorough, nicely produced and isn't twee or prescriptive. Huge amounts of information.

Ernie1 Fri 07-Oct-11 17:29:27

I really liked the Mumsnet one I got.

Thumbelina79 Fri 07-Oct-11 18:13:09

The one by Mel from Great British Bake off makes a welcome change of style

nickelbabe Sat 08-Oct-11 09:55:07

yes, the Lesley regan one is the one I was talking about (i couldn't remember her name)

I've got the Miriam stoppard one in the shop, and the MN guide (which is more anecdotal), etc

it was easier to upload a photo of the shelf than list them all!

nickelbabe Sat 08-Oct-11 09:56:03

(the slightly hidden one next to the short 3 is the Rough Guide)

Onlymydogunderstandsme Sat 08-Oct-11 10:01:47

I have the Leslie Regan one which is great for the science and what is going on with great pictures! Also have the mumsnet one which is great for explaining how you are feeling and what is normal all described by mums who have been through it!

myncichips Sat 08-Oct-11 17:38:14

My absolute favourite book is "How not to F* them up" by Oliver James but that's more of a parenting one than a baby care one. I also have "Your Baby and Child" By Penelope Leach and "Your babycare bible" both of which are really good and useable. I also like all of these because they are by people with a lot of experience, research and qualifications in child and babycare unlike quite a few which are just unqualified people's ideas (i'm getting enough "good ideas" from friends and family without needing a book to do that too!)

I also have the "what to expect when you're expecting" android ap which is v American (so a lot of the medical advice doesn't travel) but quite interesting/nice for a day to day update.

GreenandBlacksAddict Sun 09-Oct-11 15:02:58

I read lots with pregnancy for DS and after 6 years I can say the best use fior them is to light a bonfire with them. Far more sensibile advice on Mumsnet and you'll save yourself the money. Problem is when you haven't had any kids you think that they will sleep in 4 hour stretches and feed when the book says etc I think this is setting yourself up for even more stress and best ignore it !

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