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Swine flu - How to Protect Yourself without Drugs and Vaccinations

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Sandra2011 Thu 06-Oct-11 13:55:06

Interesting stuff to read

MrBloomsNursery Thu 06-Oct-11 14:08:18

Sorry, I just read the first line of that article and stopped reading. The thing is, it's not just another flu. A few factors to consider:

Do you know that you won't have a premature labour and that you or your baby may be more at risk because of this?

How do you know your immune system will be able to cope with the swine flu or with the seasonal flu for that matter during pregnancy? How do you know that YOUR BABY'S immune system will be able to cope when he or she is born?

This article is just scare-mongering. Shouldn't really be posted here at all. My advice to all pregnant women: Be safe than sorry.

Karmanna Thu 06-Oct-11 14:16:26

I totally agree with you MrBlooms - I'm having my jab next Saturday as recommended by all health professionals I've asked!

Tangle Thu 06-Oct-11 14:21:47

Much of the information in that article is outdated (SF is now integrated into the seasonal flu vaccine, at least one of the jabs on offer through the NHS is adjuvant free and all on offer are a single shot NOT multiple shot) and/or based on the information in USA (FDA approval? Not relevant in the UK/EU where we have our own approval's system).

Whether or not to have the flu vaccine is a personal decision - but please make that decision on the back on information relevant to the current season and the country you live in rather than concerns raised around a vaccine created 2 yrs ago which is no longer routinely offered (at least in the UK).

Crosshair Thu 06-Oct-11 14:21:54

Since we are posting random crap from the internet:

ChunkyPickle Thu 06-Oct-11 14:23:18

That entire article is un-referenced scare mongering.

And what on earth is a 'unit' of vitamin D anyhow?

'Better yet, help your child recover using more traditional cold and flu remedies, such as, hydrogen peroxide solution in the ear, zinc lozenges, high quality raw honey, or a homemade cough syrup.'

Yes, pouring hydrogen peroxide in the ear cures flu - you heard it there first hmm

My mum's home-made cough remedy largely consisted of cassis.. not sure that I could face that and the flu..

PIMSoclock Thu 06-Oct-11 14:32:52

This may be more helpful
I had the jab last year as was in continuous contact with H1N1. I was told that the pandermix was safe at the time but opted for cevlapan for the following reasons
( I have copied and pasted this from another site, but the infor is true and accurate)

Things to consider
1.) live virus - both these vaccines are inactivated vaccines containing no live virus and therefore are safe for pregnant women. Ordinary flu vaccines have been used in pregnant women for a long time and cause no problems. In fact, the antibodies, produced by women after the vaccine, transfer to the baby and may provide some protection for the baby against flu after it is born. The swine flu vaccines have been made exactly the same way as normal flu vaccines have for decades.
2) Thiomersal - this is a preservative containing mercury. In the US and other countries mercury has been linked with neurodevelopmental problems in children, and is banned from childhood vaccines in lots of countries. However the FDA doesn't think it is harmful for pregnant women. We naturally ingest mercury from food sources (e.g. fish) and the amount in the vaccine doesn't take our intake over safe levels. Also recent studies have found no relationship between thiomersal and developmental delays in children. The GOOD NEWS is that celvapan does NOT contain thiomersal (while pandemrix does).
3) Adjuvants - there is some worry that adjuvants (which boost the efficacy of the vaccine) aren't safe in pregnancy but I don't know any evidence either way. The GOOD NEWS is that celvapan does not contain adjuvants, but because of this you need two doses of it rather than one. Pandemrix does contain adjuvants.
Therefore, it seems like celvapan should be safe for pregnancy, and pandemrix is thought to be safe but if you are worried about mercury and adjuvants you could avoid it and ask for celvapan. However, celvapan will take longer to become effective as you need two doses over 3 weeks instead of 1 dose

This is probably now irrelevant as these vaccines are not as commonly used as the general flu vaccine protects against H1N!
This is a list of vaccines currently being used by the NHS


Is currently used for adults, the british national formulary says it is not known to be harmful in pregnancy, the manufacturer says that safety in pregnancy has not been fully established but is considered safe in the second trimester and does not contain mercury


is licensed for over 4s but does contain traces of thiomersal (mercury). It has been used for pregnant women, but again, the manufacturers say safety has not been established although the bnf says no known harmful effects

Enzira is licensed for the over 5s and does not contain mercury (strugling to find the package insert for this) but does carry a increased risk of febrile convulsions under 5. Although I cant find the insert, it would be safe to say its safety has not been established.

From this, I would say that intaza would be a reasonable choice. However I would say, talk it over with your GP and ask them to take advice from your obstetrician if necessary. From what I recall on discussion with my local epidemiologist H1N1 should not be as much of a problem as it was last year, though it will not completely disappear. It can be difficult to predict and we do consider all pregnant women to have a degree of imunocompromise. I was immunised when pregnant because I unfortunately saw first hand the devastating effects of H1N1 during pregnancy

Hope this has been helpful

BartletForAmerica Thu 06-Oct-11 19:42:48

Gosh, that is a terrifying website! What other lies and nonsense are they peddling?! I have less of an objection to people thinking their own thing and believing unscientific waffle, but that apparent doctor's advice could kill people!

PIMSoclock Thu 06-Oct-11 19:52:19

Bartlet, the use of the drs name is to try and make you think it's by a md, it's not. If you read the article you see it's an extract from someone else's website (he is definitely NOT a dr)
Total misleading propaganda

pestopasta Thu 06-Oct-11 19:53:57

the only real way to protect yourself is to have the jab. i know of no healthcare professional who wouldnt strongly advise it.

PIMSoclock Thu 06-Oct-11 20:38:04

OMG, the same guy claims that HIV does not cause AIDS.
Really soo worrying that he is giving such damaging and potentially fatal advice. angry
Even worse that people ignore the extensive evidence of the scientific/medical profession and choose to believe him.
Terrifying 

banana87 Thu 06-Oct-11 22:02:08

Really don't understand why a pregnant woman would not vaccinate against something which could quite potentially kill both herself and/or her baby. Very irresponsible IMO.

MooseCakey Thu 06-Oct-11 22:26:19

What a ridiculous article. I was particularly amused by the bit that seemed to be saying that because some dogs have had bad reactions to some completely different vaccines, nothing to do with flu, we shouldn't have a flu vaccine.

I'm not a doctor and I don't have time to get a medical degree before my baby is born but I know lots of doctors have weighed up the pros and cons of a flu jab and think it's the safest option.

Moulesfrites Thu 06-Oct-11 22:30:58

I was having this same dilemma this time last year when I was pg with ds. I was so glad I had the jab in the end. At Christmas time when I was 8.5m pg my dh, mum and sil were all very poorly with flu and a family acquaintance died from swine flu. It gave me a lot of peace of mind, at a time when I was emotional and vulnerable, to know that I had done all I could to protect myself and my ds.

BartletForAmerica Fri 07-Oct-11 11:19:38

Another pregnant doctor here - as I have just said on another thread on this, wild horses won't stop me from getting the vaccine. I have seen too many women and babies die as a result of the flu.

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