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I need to breathe!!

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FrillyMilly Thu 06-Oct-11 13:51:11

I'm sorry this is just a bit of a rant. I'm 25 weeks with DC2 and I feel like a can't breathe. I can only manage shallow breaths and every time I try to do a deep breath I can't do it. I feel so squashed and it's driving me mad. I'm even struggling to eat a big meal already. I'm sure all this was later with DC1. On a related note I'm sick to death of having a blocked nose. Anyone else want to moan about the joys of pregnancy?

MrBloomsNursery Thu 06-Oct-11 14:29:35

Breathlessness can also be linked to iron deficiency. Have you had your iron levels checked since your booking in bloods? I'd mention this to your MW on your next appointment.

FannibalLecter Thu 06-Oct-11 14:56:11

One tip I got from on here was when ur lying down, lie on ur left side, tilt back a bit and put ur right arm above ur head; it helps to open-up ur chest. Breathe-in through ur nose (if you can!) and slowly out through ur mouth...I mouth 'relax' as I'm breathing-out. I've found this a real help at night. As for during the day, until ur LO drops just take everything slowly. I've found my cheap exercise ball a godsend cos you can take the pressure off ur chest/back etc by lying on or leaning against it. I tend to eat leaning back against it or over it, often changing positions. I feel ur frustration though, hang-on in there!

BedHog Thu 06-Oct-11 15:13:21

Find yourself some pregnancy yoga classes - they will teach you different breathing techniques to help you when your lungs get all squashed and you feel breathless.

localcrackpot Thu 06-Oct-11 15:42:36

I hear you. And the blocked nose. I'm 36 weeks now and my bump dropped last week - relief for breathing! I have to share (less than stealthy boast) I've been very much into classical/operatic singing, having lessons since I was 13, so my muscles in that area are really not insignificant. A few weeks ago I thought "bugger it" and forced a proper breath. Big kick in the chest in response! No doubt who's occupying that space, then!

Oeisha Thu 06-Oct-11 19:09:43

25wks here too with the same issues (and a few more), though the breating doesn't seem to be as bad as yours. Exceedingly irritating. I know when LO goes transverse as it eases the breathing, BUT stops me she hates me being on either side...
I vary from getting to the "shit, I need to breathe more deeply NOW" and deep breathing and puffing out to just being aware that it's more difficult, feeling like there's less room. Iron levels are fine, I'm just short (so short pelvis, leading to LO reaching my ribs sooner) and LO's growing.
Also, try this exercise:
Lie on your bed, on your back, bring legs up and feet fairly close to bum. Engage pelvic floor and bring in tummy muscles lightly. Breathing out, drop legs together (like they're glued) to one side slowly and gently allowing your sides to stretch out (roatate with your feet touching the floor), hold for a count of 4-8 (breathe IN for this bit), bring legs back up gently (breathe out), rest at the top (breathe IN), and do the other side. Repeat 4-6 times for each side. If you want to make it more difficult you can raise your feet, or even stretch up your legs hmm. (You're essentially rotating your spinal column so you're on your hip during the stretch but on your back when legs are back up). If you can't get your legs all the way to the matress, pop pillows/cushions under where your thighs or knees will be to stop you over-stretching your ligaments.

I know we're not meant to exercise on our backs, but the important bit is infact moving a lot of the time and I find this more helpful with my achey back, ribs, pelvic floor and stretching out my sides. Won't be stopping unless I feel feint or my bump stops me.

Also, if you think you tummy muscles have separated then it'll be worth checking out ANY exercises through your MW first.

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