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LaraandLittleBean Thu 06-Oct-11 11:54:19

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I am of the generation that lived and died by Johnsons baby products. However, I have been told that they contain high levels of paraffin and are therefore not recommended for tender newborn skin. At NCT they seem to be pushing the Burts Bees range for babies. My stepmum recommended Mustela which looks great, but at £18 to £36 per bottle of each product, is on the pricey side. If good I'll go with it, but wondered what products out there other mums are using / mums-to-be plan to use....


gapants Thu 06-Oct-11 11:59:51

For a newborn? Nothing, just water/cotton for washing bottoms.

For bathing, I like the Welleda products, but only a very small amount. Their nappy cream is excellent and you only need a tiny drop. I only used it if baby had a rash. look here

If baby's skin is dry, a couple of drops of almond oil in the bath and/or organic bog standard porridge oats swished in the water to help soften it.

Beesok Thu 06-Oct-11 12:10:54

Don't use J&J smile there a lots of products out there and if you google you can sometimes find good price deals, I haven't given birth yet smile but have bought 3 products:
green babies scent free wash (I checked with them and they confirmed it's OK to use from birth)
neal's yard barrier cream for nappy changes and pure baby oil (they have two oild one is suitable from birth and has only 3 ingredients). I would say buy a product with as little ingredients as possible and which is not heavily scented.
Also, you really need to use small amounts of product so it should last you a while.

I plan on not bathing my LO for at least a week (just top and tailing with water) and then for a week or so just using water and maybe a little baby soap to wash bum ;)

loverocky Thu 06-Oct-11 13:21:11

infacare is really good for when the babies are tiny new borns and when they get a little bit older i would highly recommend johnsons bedtime bath.
with my first i top and tailed in the mornings with just a touch of infacare in it warm water and a few cotton wool balls smile then get hiim ready in his day cloths which where vests and baby grows as it was the winter and i believe it was warmer for himsmile. then later on me and hubby would bath him together and get him ready for bed smile this worked out very well for my buba, also i baby massaged him after top and tail and daddy would after his bath time, i have never felt a baby's skin so soft and he is still soft skinned now and he is two in december with his little brother arriving in november smile good luck x

pinkpeony Thu 06-Oct-11 13:45:07

You don't need to use (or shouldn't use) anything for at least the first 6 weeks, not even baby wipes. Our midwife would use a couple of drops of pure olive oil in the bath if baby's skin was dry. I also found some new baby wipes on Ocado that contain 99.5% water (and 0.5% fruit extract) so I started using those instead of cotton & water. After the first 6-8 weeks, I found the Neal's Yard Remedies (esp barrier cream and baby oil balm) and the Weleda stuff (shampoo/body wash) nice - and only used barrier cream at night once baby going through longer stretches so nappies no longer changed at night. Best to go for organic/natural products with no petrochemicals etc. When my babies were newborns I bathed them every other day, and after 6 weeks or so every day as it's a nice bedtime routine.

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