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Growth Scan baby measuring small had steroid injections to mature lungs baby 28 weeks

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pregnantmimi Wed 05-Oct-11 23:04:25

Had scan today o check growth I have these due to underactive thyroid they picked up he small and said wanted give me steroid injections to mature lungs incase he had to come out early.

I had blood in pee and proteins so got to do another 24 hour pee test so have keep it all 24 hours go back in chech babies heart again.

Have growth scan in 2 weeks if not grown much got to have caesarian so stressed out any one had any experaince of this situation and any advice.
Blood pressure also high but then went down againxx

efeslight Thu 06-Oct-11 09:05:48

hello mimi, had a similar experience at 27 weeks, my lo was found to be small (IUGR) and i went straight into hospital, where i had a doppler scan every 2 days, i was given the steroids and my little boy had to be delivered by c sect at 28 weeks, 1lb 11oz.
It was obviously terrifying, so i am wishing you well, my lo is now 2 and walking and talking and doing wonderfully, though still small.
Are you in hospital? Do you know the expected weight of the baby? You might find looking in the premature birth threads helpful, wishing you well.

pregnantmimi Thu 06-Oct-11 13:27:47

thanks efeslight for your reply I just got back from hospital by blood pressure gone down had another steroid injection they said on scan all fine the blood supply water etc just that he hasnt grown as expected since last scan and small but he is 2 pounds 11 and the midwife today said he was just under the growth scan but my husband is small they were consered I think cause of the last scan he not grown much they said im to have another scan in two weeks if he still not grown much will have to come out. Feel better about it that yesterday. Why did you stay in hospital was your blood pressure high or was there some other reason?

saoirse86 Thu 06-Oct-11 14:41:11

That's a bit confusing because 2lb 11oz is normal at 28 weeks. confused

my cousin had her ds at 27 weeks and he was 1lb 6oz, and dp's cousin had his ds at 28 weeks and both are doing pretty well. There's a lot the hospital can do and 28 weeks isn't as difficult for them to deal with as it used to be.

Good luck with everything. smile

pregnantmimi Thu 06-Oct-11 21:07:43

sorry if confused you its not the weight they are worried about its the growth in realation to his last scan hes smaller than they thought he hasnt grown as expected and dipped under the line im having another one in 2 weeks he is a good weight but measuring small on the growth scan compared to the scans i had each month they expected him to be bigger. Yes I researched that its a good weight. The doctor called said my thryroxine dose is low and this could have cause it so on a higher dose tomorrow if he hasnt grown in 2 weeks hes coming out thanks for replying anyway its nice to have advice of other people who have gone though the same

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