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Feeling so unprepared

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Allboxedin Wed 05-Oct-11 20:08:20

I'm 38 weeks with my second. I just keep feeling so unprepared, I don't know why and exactly what else I can do (apart from scrubbing the floors) but I am worried I just don't have things ready.
Last time, I had the moses basket all set up with sheets galore, clothes which had been folded hundreds of times and put in drawers,I was bored I think last time.
I have packed my bags but keep forgetting to do stuff and check what I need and make sure everything is there.
Anyone else feel like this?

loverocky Thu 06-Oct-11 13:01:40

hiya, i'm also pregnant with my second 34 weeks +5 days and i've got everything now just waiting for the buggie to come on the 20th oct. mmm i do still need to wash the crib but i didnt see the point until i was like 37 weeks and clean all the bottles and sterilise them. so at the minute im just nesting away smile i am always trying to see if there's something i have missed though haha i have my hospital bag ready just need things for after the birth. so your not alone in feeling that way smile
good luck x

edwinbear Thu 06-Oct-11 20:20:41

I'm 33 weeks with my second and have done literally nothing. We have no furniture for DS who is giving up his nursery furniture for DC2, no baby clothes other than his old stuff (we're having a girl allegedly), no double buggy, no moses basket (my sister's and still in storage), literally nothing. I think it's just different second time around, you are focusing on DC1 rather than the new baby and you simply don't need as much as you have things from last time. You also know what chaos it will be in the first few weeks and whatever preparation you do now will go out of the window!

peachsmuggler Thu 06-Oct-11 22:58:00

I am 34 weeks tomorrow and slowly getting prepared, but feel mentally completely unprepared. Like you all, this is my second and it's like in the back of my head I think life is going to carry on as normal?!? Completely unprepared for the chaos that awaits, or maybe it feel like that this time around. When should I be packing my hospital bag do you think? Now?
Got mother are delivery of new cot mattress, changing mat, maternity pads (the glamour!) abd nipple cream arriving tomorrow, and slowly sorting through DD's teeny clothes and washing them but just don't feel very ready..... Tried listening to hypnobirthing CD tonight but fell asleep after about 5 mins....

peachsmuggler Thu 06-Oct-11 22:58:33

That would be "mothercare delivery"

lollystix Thu 06-Oct-11 23:00:17

I'm 37+5 with ds4. Working till 4 days before due date. Haven't had time to think about it. Got pains Sunday so packed a bag in a panic, major pains last night but nothing happened - makes me' think it could come next week and I am SO NOT READY for this - not just materially but mentally. I have too much to get sorted at work... Girl at work having get first and she finishes at 35 weeks. I honestly wonder what she will do with the 5 weeks (plus inevitable extra week).

Africagirl1 Fri 07-Oct-11 03:15:16

I am 37 weeks with DC2. I only got my arse moving in the last week, but feel like I still have loads to do. I find writing lists removes a smidgen of the panic! At least then if baby comes sooner one of my sisters or DH can complete the tasks

ninedragons Fri 07-Oct-11 04:20:54

I felt that way with DC2.

I think you are just remembering how much preparation there was with DC1, so it doesn't feel like you're doing much for DC2 in comparison. Thing is, DC2 is far less of an upheaval to your life so really there isn't that much to do. I am sure 95% of the fannying around I did before DC1 arrived was just faffing and completely unnecessary.

Get the Moses basket out and air it, wash the babygrows, sheets and the grobag, set up the steriliser and make sure you've got all the components of your pump if you're planning to use one, and you're cleared for takeoff.

Good luck!

thegingerone Fri 07-Oct-11 08:44:19

I was SOOO prepped for ds1! Even have photos of the tiny washing on the line.

With ds2 i went on mat leave on my due date (Although tbh I'd had almost a weeks hols before) Can't remember being very prepared. Think I just emptied the box of Completely unused helpful-stuff-for-labour from first time into a bag and bought some Primark pjs. I must have washed old baby clothes at some point but I can't remember it being a MAJOR event like first time!! Pretty sure I bought a couple of packs of newborn baby gros and chucked them in with the family wash!! As said above having a baby 2nd time isn't quite the upheaval the first one is.

However five years later and 34 wk with dc3, I'm a woman on a mission!! I've got a crib with sheets, blankets, cuddly toy blush. Moses basket due to arrive today. Moses basket stand built. Clothes washed. Labour bag. Bag for baby and bag for me if we stay in hospital. All sterilisers and breast pumps (Yes pumps plural!!) ready to be washed and sterilised. Sleeping bags washing and hanging in wardrobe for when lo is too big for swaddling wraps (washed and waiting in crib!) I've got an 8yr and almost 5 yr old so it's just boredom!! LIke first time. My kids are so big that they don't NEED me in the same way my 2.5 yr toddler did last time. Reading the above list I sound like a complete fruit cake!!! 6-8 weeks to go. MAD!

Allboxedin Fri 07-Oct-11 15:46:20

ginger, I had photos of the baby's new clothes too blush Must have been so bored in those last few days!
I think I have been more active though this time with dd, I simply HAVE to get her out of the house every day for at least a walk or she goes mad sitting in all day.
It also still takes us about an hour to actually leave the house!
I am hoping I havent put on so much weight this time having been running around after dd!

iWILLdothis Sat 08-Oct-11 07:45:43

Can I join the club? Booked for ELCS next week and feeling unprepared. Won't bore you witht the details of my unpreparedness, but can I please just say don't bother scrubbing your floors?? Your waters might break all over them and then they need scrubbed all over again!! grin

Allboxedin Sat 08-Oct-11 13:50:33

Of course iwill. Haha, they might do!!
week and a half left for me!
Good luck with the ELCS smile

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