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bloat or bump

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feekerry Wed 05-Oct-11 13:59:55

Hi. I'm 16 + 5 with my first and have a major problem with bloating. I'm 5ft 6 and normally size 8 and have a flat ish tummy. However i'm so bloated there is no definition to my tummy. But i'm wondering if its part bump as well. Its quite hard now and starts where my knicker line is. But there is no definition to it, if you see what I mean. Its just huge all over. Does go away a little in the morning but still there. Its not like my other friends bumps. They all start really low and are really defined. I just look like a whale.

Cazm2 Wed 05-Oct-11 14:28:55

hi I am 15 plus 4 with my first and i am very bloated!! i am normally size 12-14 i have a little hard bump also but i just look like i have eaten a huge curry!!!!

mine is exactly the same fairly flat in the morning but gradually gets huge during the day!

i was wondering when people really started to show a proper bump

LizzyMathsWhizzy Wed 05-Oct-11 17:24:03

I felt like I had a bump from about 15 weeks, but I now think it was mostly bloat/ imagination! I don't really know when it became a proper bump, but you certainly can't miss it now at 33 weeks! I think it varied quite a lot depending on time of day until I was about 20 weeks, then I've had pretty steady growth since then, if it keeps going at this rate I'll be a house by November! I am also 5'6" and a size 8 normally, but had to go to a size 6 in maternity clothes, because all of the size increase is on the bump, and the size 8s were hanging off my bum! I just look like I ate a space hopper, I'm a cartoon of a pregnant lady...

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