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can I ask for early NHS scan after two MCs??

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greengoose Wed 05-Oct-11 13:47:30

Hi, I am only about 4weeks just now, but if I dont loose it in the next few weeks (fingers crossed)! then I would really feel a lot better if I could have a scan at about 7 weeks, which is when I tend to MC.
Does anyone know if the NHS will do this, as I dont think I can wait until 12 weeks, its all a bit stressful, which cant be helping anything!
The other option is to go private, which would avoid having to go to the dreaded EPU (not good memories), does anyone know how much this is and if there is anywhere good in South Devon? Thanks!

birdofthenorth Wed 05-Oct-11 13:54:39

My friend who has had multiple mc has been scanned on the NHS from 7 weeks. I think it's important you get to hear a heartbeat as early as possible and they ought to recognise this. I'm not an expert though, and NHS midwifery care can be a bit of a lottery.

I had a private early scan (about 8/9 weeks) from, I don't know much about Southern geography I confess but they have one in Exeter if that's any help?

kat2504 Wed 05-Oct-11 13:57:54

If you do get one on the nhs it will be in the epu. My epu were happy do do a 9 week scan after I got a referral letter from a midwife or gp. They did understand how anxious I was about having a 3rd mc. Fortunately it was all ok this time.

I had a private one last pregnancy for £50, prices go up to about £99 (babybond) so do a google search on your local area and see if there are any clinics cheaper than babybond.

phlossie Wed 05-Oct-11 13:58:04

Yes - a friend of mine lost her last baby at 8/9 weeks, so she's been offered a 'reassurance scan' at 7-8 weeks this time.
Good luck - sending you lots of sticky thoughts!

greengoose Wed 05-Oct-11 14:00:55

Thanks, yes Exeter is only half an hour from us, so that would do! I think I will go see my doctor and ask at 6 1/2 weeks. I dont want to have a scan too early and go through that horrible 'it might be ok, just a bit early to see anything yet' thing that I always seem to do... its horrible hoping!

greengoose Wed 05-Oct-11 14:02:46

crossposted with Phlossie and Kat! Thanks for the advise, sounds hopeful with NHS then, thats a relief!

birdofthenorth Wed 05-Oct-11 14:41:28

Yes fogot to say GOOD LUCK!

goodnightmoon Wed 05-Oct-11 14:49:20

you can usually self refer to emergency gynae units that perform these scans. Try ringing them, tell them your history, and make an appointment.

YBR Wed 05-Oct-11 17:36:52

After 2 MMCs I asked the GP this time and he referred me to the EPU (a nice and sympathetic Dr). They wouldn't do it until I was (nominally) 8 weeks, which is fair enough as they can't be sure of finding a heartbeat earlier. It was impossible to get a MW appointment early enough or I'd have asked her.

Whether you can get the same depends on your MW/GP/EPU etc, but my experience is it was worth asking.

[It turned out I was 6weeks+1, but they still found a heartbeat. I was still anxious until the 12 week scan, but less than I would have been. I'm now 29 weeks.]

Coldcuppacoffee Wed 05-Oct-11 17:47:14

Dependsnon your area and their policy. After one MMC I just got a flat no for an early scan andna "try not to worry" ( I could have lamped her!). Had I had more MC I would have got one.

Paid for a scan at 8.5 weeks as have heard that is a point where risk drops considerably ( risk drops again massively at 12 weeks).

I could have invented a reason to go to the EPU, I suppose, but I didn't want to tempt fate.

I was a bag of nerves for my 8.5 wk scan and for my 12 wk scan but really enjoyed my 20 wk. Now have a wriggly 28 wk bump. All the best to you.

greengoose Wed 05-Oct-11 17:59:30

Thanks everyone, Its good to hear about all those healthy bumps after MCs!! I think I will Leave it until 8 weeks and just try to survive the nerves. I have POAS every day since I found out, and they are still getting darker, and as of today I feel really sick, so thats all good ((confused)...

LittleWhiteWolf Wed 05-Oct-11 18:04:29

I wish I'd done this. I had intended to ask my gp at my 6 week appt, but bottled it thinking he would just tell me off for being silly blush No idea why I thought he'd say that. I'd previously had 1 mc and 1 mmc.

In the end I waited til my 12 week scan and everything was fine. Most of my anxieties about losing this one have gone now that I'm almost 15 weeks. I'm eagerly looking forward to my 16 week mw appt next week though as I'm hoping she'll listen for the heartbeat.

Good luck to you OP and congratulations!

katekate3 Wed 05-Oct-11 18:20:49

I phoned my epu and have got a date for scan at 9 weeks following 2 mmc. Imagine it really does depend on area/ who you talk to on phone though. Really understand the need for reassurance.

Hope things work out for you this time.

Purplebuns Wed 05-Oct-11 18:53:48

I used babyface it is in Cullompton but only cost £70 and Steph was lovely. I had mine 7+4 when I couldn't have NHS a scan after two losses. I am now 17+5 so more good news here. Good luck smile

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