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Anybody on here had/having a breech baby?

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MummyAbroad Tue 04-Oct-11 21:47:35

Mine was breech at my last scan (33 weeks), I am 35+4 today and SO out of breath, I am pretty sure he hasnt turned. Not sure if I can cope with this level of reduced lung capacity for much longer - its so tiring! It also feels like he is trying to turn, lots of twisty action and sometimes it looks and feels like he is about to break right out of my tummy!

Sympathy please..? Or tips for coping with the breathlessness?

natwebb79 Wed 05-Oct-11 07:46:04

Bless you, how uncomfortable! Well my little one (now 37 weeks) was breech up until 36 weeks. I spent a lot of time watching the tele on all fours (if you can put your knees on the sofa and arms on the floor so your bum is in the air even better) and bounced on my birthing ball a lot. When I went for my presentation scan at 36 weeks he'd turned head down and was 2/5 engaged. Good luck! x

Paschaelina Wed 05-Oct-11 08:24:36

It's knackering isn't it? My Boy was breech until I had him turned by ECV at 37 weeks. I had a permanent feeling of rib-stretch from the head stuck under my ribcage. I used the Spinningbabies website for advice about turning but despite the all-fours elephant walk and inversions off the sofa nothing changed.

Have you got a position scan booked?

HappyAsIAm Wed 05-Oct-11 09:10:35

You have my sympathies - my DS (now nearly 4 yo) was breech until he was turned by ECV at 38 weeks. He was incredibly active in there too, and I always felt breathless and full. I did everything recommended to try and turn him (cleaning on all fours), bouncing on birthing ball, generally on all fours for as much of the time as possible - nothing worked. But it has to be worth a go!

MummyAbroad Thu 06-Oct-11 13:47:53

Thanks everyone, I have had a go at inversion as described on spinning babies, unwisely did it after lunch and felt a bit sick! Cant feel any change yet, but it was encouraging to read that it can work after only one or two tries.

Paschelina I live in Costa Rica, so the system is all different out here - I get scanned every month, next one will be at 38 weeks. They dont do ECV here, just jump at the chance to do a cesarian (I have to have one anyone for other reasons) so its the thought of going the full 40 weeks with this breathlessness that is really daunting.

I dont have a bouncy ball thing, wonder if it is worth getting one at this stage?

Africagirl1 Thu 06-Oct-11 17:27:24

I feel for you. My DS was breech and the heartburn and breathlessness was terrible. This baby has been head down from early on - sorry I can't make you feel better!

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