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Feel rubbish - feeling sick - and thrush!

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bigboobsatlast Tue 04-Oct-11 18:21:49

Just need some where to moan! 6 weeks preggers and have felt sick ALL day. Not sick, just feeling sick. and just to make me feel even worse, I have got thrush and I can't get anything over the counter for it :-(

I was told I need to see the Doc before getting treatment - is this right? earliest Doc appt I could make was Friday which is ages away and it means I have to have time off work and I know my manager will be well pissed off (not the most understanding).

Thrush will not do the baby any harm will it? I am sure not but would like some reassurance!

Delighted to be pregnant, just fed up with feeling like a big bag of rubbish!

themightyskim Tue 04-Oct-11 19:00:31

I was going to say can you use a home remedy like natural yoghurt down below but I dont suppose thats a good idea either - drink as much water as you can stomach, flushing yourself out a bit usually helps as does drinking a good probiotic yoghurt thingy (I suffered a lot with it last year because of anti biotics)

Oeisha Tue 04-Oct-11 19:25:11

Congrats on your bump OP!

You can use the creme 1%, they shouldn't have an issue with giving you this OTC (rong MW for reasuurance if you want or just say they've given you the ok) but you will need a script for the pessary. I basically had repeated thrush for about 9weeks during early pg, so def. go to the docs and get it sorted before you get 2nd trimester horniness...

Thrush is only of mild risk to baby on delivey, so you have quite a while to resolve it. Otherwise you cervix should be nice and tightly shut, so LO will be fine. It IS worth mentioning if you have repeat attacks and if you get thrush in 3rd trimester.

Other tips:
1) Use non-bio washing powder/liquids and HOT wash (so 60*c or above) on your undies
2) Don't use fabric conditioner on your undies
3) Wear loose, natual fibres (cotton pants)
4) If you need to wear a pad because of discharge, change very frequently
5) Avoid penatritive sex
6) Wash at least twice a day with something like femfresh - avoid perfumes, soaps etc and try not to make the water too hot.
7) Don't use sprays etc on your vulva etc
8) you can try applying natural yog externally.
9) You can try drinking pro-biotics too
10) If you have the patience, hot iron the gusset of you pants
11) Keep hydrated (difficult through nausea, but try travel bands and ginger capsuals for that)

They may be reluctant to prescribe ther pessary and may insist on you trying with the creme for a week. Go with their advice, as if you can avoid the pessary, do so. They may want to take high-vaginal swabs to confirm thrush before they give you the pessary script also. But, also remember, if they do give you the pessary then you'll need to insert it with your fingers, NOT using the applicator.

Either way, good luck!

bigboobsatlast Wed 05-Oct-11 19:00:07

thank you both for your advice. Feeling a little brighter today and told my manager at work who was actually quite nice about it all! will hold out for the docs appt on Friday and then hopefully get it sorted. thanks agains. :-)

lollystix Wed 05-Oct-11 19:57:39

Yep get it sorted. I went on for weeks with on off thrush without seeing dr as couldn't find the time. Eventually sorted it at 30 weeks and one pessary did it - why oh why didn't I go earlier???

pinkpainter Thu 06-Oct-11 13:21:18

I had thrush for over 2 months - kept getting prescribed cream and in the end had swabs taken and was given the pessary at long last, it was so bad at that point that the nurse even had problems doing the swabs. Midwife last week (at 37 weeks) suggested drinking priobiotic drinks and ironing pants, both of which I have done (2 probiotic drinks a day and eating probiotic yoghurt) and after 3 doses of the pessary (with the applicator - I wasn't told any different, hope that was ok...) it has finally all cleared up - such a relief and just in time, as baby due in 2 weeks time!! Hope you get it sorted out soon too.

dreamfeeder Thu 06-Oct-11 16:20:26

I had constant thrush in my last pg... desperately hoping it doesn't happen again!!!

You can use the cream and pessaries. I was prescribed by doctor, but only after I bought myself loads and it was costing a small fortune!!!!!!! Initially I was served over counter and the pharacist was quite happy to give it out even though I was pg. I was also swabbed, to confirm thrush and rule out strep b, it was so bad. I was using 2 pessaries a week under doctors advice, and still had thrush badly when I delivered (pessary 3 days before) but DD was not affected (normally delivery)

dreamfeeder Thu 06-Oct-11 16:21:39

oh, and the gp reassured me there is absolutley no risk to using the pessary, just insert with your finger not the applicator to not jam it into your cervix!!!.

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