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Increased love for DH

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Karmanna Tue 04-Oct-11 17:21:40

I'm currently 25 weeks and in the last few days I've been feeling stupidly in love with DH. I mean, we're stupidly in love any way, but in the last couple of days I've become very clingy, and I think of him all day when I'm at work and can't bear spending the day away from him. It's almost like an obsession and it's scaring me as he's normally the more clingy one. He finds this very amusing!

Has anyone else felt the same? Please tell me this is a hormonal pregnancy blip that will pass or I might scare him off with my bunny-boiler manners! blush

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Tue 04-Oct-11 17:28:40

Totally normal I found. I really wanted to be around my DH all the time when I was pregnant (DS was born 12 days ago). He kind of made me feel really safe and more calm about things and even though, as you say, we were so in love already, it felt so much stronger.

Now I've had my baby DH is annoying the hell out of me just as before so it does pass grin

beatrice75 Tue 04-Oct-11 17:31:00

It sounds like a good thing though, don't you think? Better than the other way round, anyway!
I'm 22 weeks pregnant and no, I haven't experienced exactly what you are describing but I've recently realised that I am incredibly jealous of him, like I've never been before! I am not a jealous person and he has never ever given me any reason to be jealous of him. Nevertheless I keep worrying that he fancies someone else and is flirting behind my back. I don't know why this is happening either. Perhaps I feel less attractive or appealing than before because I've put on a lot of weight and that's the cause of my insecurity?

Missgiraffe1 Tue 04-Oct-11 17:44:47

I'm afraid I can't really relate to that. But it sounds nice.

"better than the otherway around"

I think I can expand on that though. I'm 9 weeks and my DH is doing my head in - all the time. He's just back from 8 days in America and I thought I'd be delighted to see him but, within an hour, he was irritating the hell out of me! Would happily have packed him off again the same night if I could have found a reason to. Of course, it can have nothing whatsoever to do with me being slightly irrational and psychotic hormonal grin . The fact he snores like a dinosaur, meaning I have a disturbed sleep, doesn't help either.

Aaaahhhh the joys...... I hope I start to like him again soon smile

ToriaPumpkinPasty Tue 04-Oct-11 19:07:42

I've been through both stages, early on he irritated the living crap out of me. There were times I would have quite happily packed him back off to his mother's for weeks on end.

Recently though, even though we've always been very independent and I've enjoyed my time alone I've been reduced to tears if he's away for a night, to the point where I went to a scout camp with him the other weekend because I couldn't face the idea of being alone for a weekend (before anyone gets concerned I'm a leader too, I just wasn't originally planning on camping at 34 weeks!)

I also hate him talking to a particular female friend of his, who I have taken a massively irrational dislike to, and if he's busy in the evenings I get grumpy and want him to be near me all the time. It's peculiar and I hope it passes after the birth otherwise I don't think I'll cope with him returning to work at this rate!

Roseflower Tue 04-Oct-11 19:17:18

Ive had the exact same!

Dont worry- in a few weeks you'll be telling him off breathing in the wrong way! Or accusing him off looking too much like a squirrel blush

Karmanna Wed 05-Oct-11 09:20:20

Oh, I'm glad it's not just me!

Yes I suppose it's definitely nicer than the other way around but it's so unlike me. He's normally the one who clings to me so I think he's enjoying this new 'being in demand' marlarkey! So I guess he better enjoy whilst it lasts as by the sounds of things I'll be back to normal again before long! smile

Rubeywednesday Wed 05-Oct-11 10:07:22

i posted about the same thing a few weeks ago - utter obsession after 12 years together! I couldn't stop thinking about him.

It's nice but it did pass. I now find he's aggravating me as usual. Maybe it will come back as I'm only 23 weeks.

some others who responded to my post then all agreed it's a nice hormonal/evolutionary thing - perhaps it's designed to stop one of you starying at this important time? who knows.... enjoy it though!

Rubeywednesday Wed 05-Oct-11 10:07:57

err - i meant 'straying'

emmam25 Wed 05-Oct-11 11:01:36

Awww I think it's nice! I'm the same at 31 weeks, I can't stop staring and pawing at him and just constantly thinking "I love you!"It must hormones!

mumt1 Wed 05-Oct-11 11:13:27

I must be the odd one out! Lol.... When I was pregnant with my first I couldn't stop thinking about how much I hated my partner! Bless him there where times I loved him in pregnancy but not often lol. I'm 11 weeks pregnant with him again n will not hate him this time smile feel quite lovey already :D xx

IreneHeron Wed 05-Oct-11 11:35:42

I remember that with my first child. I was so stupidly soppy about DH.

Changing2011 Wed 05-Oct-11 12:25:41

So glad someone else has said this! I am possessive over him to the point of ridiculous - MIL rang and asked if he would pop over the other day to do some unnecessary job or other and I burst into tears, I was really properly upset that she was "stealing" him away from us on the weekend! How daft.

He took me for lunch the other day and I couldnt stop holding his hand and touching him he was properly hmm with me. He doesnt do clingy!

themightyskim Wed 05-Oct-11 14:39:12

How I wish this was my post my OH is bugging the living day lights out of me, its taken me getting pregnant to realise what a lazy git he is! perhaps in a few more weeks that will chage? hmm

MersyMersy Wed 05-Oct-11 14:39:49

Same here. I think I'm getting a bit obsessed too. I love the bones of him anyway but lately it has definitely intensified. I hate being away from him and just want to be with him all the time. He likes it though, so far anyway!
I dont know about anybody else but I'm really enjoying it. Just being around him and thinking about him makes me feel really happy and relaxed. I'm making the most of it because before too long I cant imagine we'll have so much time to indulge each other with our attention. smile

localcrackpot Wed 05-Oct-11 20:19:00

Totally, totally. I've always adored DH and we've always been clingy with each other so thankfully it's not that out of character, but even for us the difference has been very noticable. If he puts his arm round me or strokes me as we pootle round the supermarket I find I'm in some blissed-out, zen-like state. I can happily sit around staring at him all evening.

And I also used to have a fairly vicious temper and a ahem rather significant libido. Now I'm a fluffy bunny, I like to clean things, bake, have a little nap, do some embroidery. I'm up for it, so to speak, but in a much more low key way which I believe suits DH better.

Suffice to say he's already talked about us having more grin.

If I sound a bit Stepford-wifey, don't be too alarmed - I had all these tendencies in me before, I was just more firey. Also I've been regularly depressed all my life until now. I've never been so happy and emotionally at peace. I've thrown up for the best part of 36 weeks but aside from that and the tiredness, I'm well up for more pregnancy.

notlettingthefearshow Wed 05-Oct-11 23:40:01

I'm quite clingy too! Not usually like that at all. We are both very happy and seeing each other in a slightly different way. It does bring you close as a couple and it's a really special time. We are talking more and better than ever and very affectionate. I'm enjoying all the time we spend giggling and saying how happy/excited we are - I'm pretty sure there won't be as much time for all this once the baby comes!

Roseflower Thu 06-Oct-11 12:58:40

This thread has made me realise just how crazy hormonal I am!

Yesterday I wept as I thought of any bad remark anyone had ever made about DH and the unjustness of it all and hugged him like a baby

Then I coulndt keep my eyes off him and thought he was the most gorgoeus specimen of a man to walk the planet

Three hours later and Im telling him off for the fact I ate all the sausage rolls!

So he offers to go to the shops- and I well up at the thought of him leaving the house... got so teary.

Thank goodness DH takes it all with a good sense of humour!

ToriaPumpkinPasty Thu 06-Oct-11 18:33:08

crackpot I'm exactly the same with the sudden feeling of peace after years of instability. It's wonderful smile

Though I do seem to have come out the other side now. I'm 37 weeks today and last night he could do NOTHING right. He was actually trying to be understanding and helpful over an issue I've been having with my MW and all I could do was get on at him for not finishing jobs round the house. I should take bets on how tonight will pan out grin

localcrackpot Thu 06-Oct-11 19:03:02

Roseflower, your post cracked me up. I may have to read it to DH later. Also I keep seeing you on the boards because DD (in tum) is Rose smile <stands behind potted parlour palm like Edwardian stalker or Bertie Wooster on a ruse>

Roseflower Thu 06-Oct-11 20:02:28


I would read it to your DH- anything you do will pale in comparrison!

Ohh a stalker- how exciting....

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