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Flu Jab?

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ChineapplePunk Tue 04-Oct-11 03:34:17

Have decided to bite the bullet and phone my doctors surgery and book in for the flu vaccination. However, I am a big fat scaredy pants when it comes to needles. If you've had the shot, what was your initial experience of the injection? And did you have any unpleasant side effects later on?

I am such a coward that I worked myself into a right state before getting my blood test at my first screening appointment. It was utterly non-painful, as I knew it would be because I've had several before, but I still proceeded to worry myself sick about it :/ I guess everyone has a phobia of needles to a certain extent..........

ChineapplePunk Tue 04-Oct-11 03:35:16

BTW, I can't sleep smile

MixedBerries Tue 04-Oct-11 04:26:38

Hi Chineapple. I can't sleep either. Hoping it might be labour but not going to get too excited!
Anyway, I had my flu jab last Monday and it was all fine. It hurts so much less than a blood test and is so so quick. Really, you can hardly feel it but it's the IDEA!
Afterwards, there were no big problems either. I did have quite a sore arm that developed about 5 hours later and it was painful to lie on for a day or so but compared to the flu that's absolutely nothing! Felt a bit lethargic the next day too but that could have been lack of sleep!
I'd recommend taking it a bit easier the next day, if you can afford the luxury, just in case. I'm a big wuss with needless too by the way but getting more and more used to it the further in pregnancy I get (39 + 5 today).
Hope it goes well! Hope you get to sleep too. My contractions are easing off now so probably a false alarm. Going to try bed again....

ChineapplePunk Tue 04-Oct-11 04:55:35

Thanks, MixedBerries. Me feel better now. I have heard a few people say that they have sore arms after it, but i suppose that's what happens when you get a needle injection in your muscle smile The ironic thing is that I can deal with the thought of side effects (which are no doubt longer and more unpleasant than the injection itself) yet it's just the needle part I'm worried about. Silly really. You are right. It's the anticipation of it all that's the worst thing.
Anyhoo, bed sounds like a good idea. Mind you, if you are in labour (exciting) you won't be in there for long. Good luck. smile

theory Tue 04-Oct-11 13:10:57

Had mine yesterday but had completely forgotten about it until I saw this thread. No pain from the needle, no sore arm, no side effects. Good luck smile

ChineapplePunk Tue 04-Oct-11 13:48:13

Even better, theory. smile

I've just had a really heavy cold and the misery from that made me realise that getting flu would be utterly horrendous.

bezzyk Tue 04-Oct-11 14:23:06

I had it on Saturday, nowhere near as bad as a blood test, a bit sore the next day. Did feel a bit achey on Sunday with a bit of sore throat, but a couple of paracetamol sorted me out. A nurse friend reckoned that contracting the actual flu was far worse for baby than getting the vaccination. Good luck!

wakarimasen Tue 04-Oct-11 15:25:02

My due date is only 1 week away. Should I still ask for the Flu jab?

ChineapplePunk Tue 04-Oct-11 15:31:16

wakarimasen, I'm not entirely sure how long it takes for the jab to "work", but I know it can be given at any stage of pregnancy quite safely. Babies are less likely to get flu if their mothers have had the vaccine during pregnancy. Probably best to check with your doctor to see if they feel it would be beneficial at this point.

Mondayschild78 Tue 04-Oct-11 15:40:07

I'm 38 weeks and got flu jab in my GP check up today so think it's fine to get at a late stage of pregnancy, better to sort it now than when you have no time after the baby is born

Mondayschild78 Wed 05-Oct-11 13:51:08

I have a tip for you - ask the GP to give the flu injection in your right arm, not your left. Trying to sleep on my left side all night after the injection yesterday proved quite painful and uncomfortable and it's still a bit tender today.

BoffinMum Wed 05-Oct-11 13:57:27

I had the jab on Saturday. Arm hurt a bit afterwards but I have been fine. It takes 2-3 weeks to work apparently. I was keen to have it because one of our (healthy) friends died of Swine Flu last Christmas very suddenly, and that brought it all home to me.

RockyRoads Wed 05-Oct-11 14:32:42

I had mine on Monday and barely felt a thing. I've got a red swollen patch on my arm now which is a bit sore, but nowhere near as bad as having flu. You should speak to somebody first if you are allergic to eggs, as you can't have the normal vaccine if you are. Don't rely on the nurse checking - mine said, AFTER the jab, "oh dear, I should check if you're allergic to eggs, but it's a bit late now"!!! Words fail me!

Mum2be79 Wed 05-Oct-11 19:24:23

I have one every year being asthmatic and this year was no exception. The only difference was it is the earliest I have been - 1st October! I'd lie if I said I wasn't slightly apprehensive being 27 week pregnant but I knew the odds were not stacked in my favour if I got flu!

Anyhow, my arm was a bit heavy and uncomfortable to lie on in bed(it was my left) and I had a round red mark the size of a 50p, but after 2 days it went away. Weird thing is, that's the first time it's happened in four years.

Baby is fine.

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