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t'ai chi during 1st trimester

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tasmaniandevilchaser Mon 03-Oct-11 17:13:12

hi all, does anyone know if there are any risks in doing t'ai chi and chi gong in the 1st trimester? I assumed it would be fine (I've done both before), but my instructor told me to check with my GP. I forgot to ask at my appt today (doh!)

tasmaniandevilchaser Fri 07-Oct-11 14:55:25


JohnnyRod Fri 07-Oct-11 22:20:46

I can't see how there'd be an issue, unless you're using the Chinese swords and shit! Seriously though, it's all about exertion without exertion, it's not like shotokan, as you know.

tasmaniandevilchaser Sat 08-Oct-11 08:43:30

thanks JohnnyRod, I certainly won't be messing about with swords!

fraktious Sat 08-Oct-11 08:53:58

I did t'ai chi right the way through, in fact I did some in labour wink

My OB/GYN said it was fine.

Shodan Sat 08-Oct-11 09:11:01

No reason why you shouldn't. Just make sure you don't over-stretch and don't do anything which places unreasonable strain on your back and abdomen.

FWIW I trained all the way through pregnancy (karate) and only took four weeks off. I found it very beneficial after the birth- recovered far more quickly than my first pregnancy!

Enjoy it. smile

Meglet Sat 08-Oct-11 09:16:31

Another mad person who did martial arts until 20 weeks here. I'd kick-boxed for years so felt fine doing non-contact for a few months.

I did pilates and gym until a week before both my small people arrived, I'm sure it did us both the world of good smile.

Tai Chi should be perfect.

JohnnyRod Sat 08-Oct-11 22:32:08

fraktious has a point - I'm sure the relaxation routines will be of use!

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