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What type of nightwear would you be able to put on if you've got a drip?

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HappyAsIAm Mon 03-Oct-11 10:12:41

I had my DS by EMCS nearly 4 years ago, and my prevailing memory is of everyone coming to visit me the following afternoon, and me not being able to put any clothes on as I was still hooked up to a drip. I had taken nightshirts, which were like long polo shirts, I suppose. I just pulled the sheets up to my chin for as much decency as I could manage. I would very much like to avoid this again! So - what type of nightwear would be feasible?!

icravecheese Mon 03-Oct-11 11:25:29

If you ask the midwives, they will most likely unconnect your drip for the 2secs it will take to put a top on - then reconnect it back up again once dressed. You should be able to feed the wires any which way you want - up the arm / down the arm etc.

I only know this (never had c-section, but am having one this fri!) because my DC2 has spent alot of time in hospital in the past with canula's / wires all over her. When we wanted to change her clothing the nurses would happily disconnet the drip (but only if we did the outfit change VERY quickly, otherwise you're at risk of contaminating the lines) whilst we got her changed.

Instead of long sleeves tho - I would imagine vests / short sleeve nightwear is easier to manage with a drip. I'm taking lots of nursing vests in with me, & will prob just wear (BIG) knickers in bed on the bottom half for the first few days.

Just ask - am sure the midwives would be horrified to think you've had to hold a sheet up to your chin whilst all your visitors are around the bed!!

cat64 Mon 03-Oct-11 11:27:28

Message withdrawn

lovemyOJ Mon 03-Oct-11 11:33:52

how about a multiway maternity bra and a maternity boob tube? i know its not ideal but when i was in with DD my DH brought me some underwear from home as i was in longer than expected and in with the lovely Thongs(!) and completly impractical pants after stiches he packed me a strapless bra which i actually found very useful while being still attached to the drip. i had a nursing nightie from mother care that the strap came off completly but i cant find anything similar on the web now

HappyAsIAm Mon 10-Oct-11 09:17:28

Thanks ladies. It didn't occur to me to ask the midwives to disconnect the drip - I don't know where my mind was. I hope you had a good birth experience last friday icravecheese and that you are enjoying your new baby.

Thanks everyone.

phlossie Mon 10-Oct-11 09:39:54

I remember this (not CS, induced, but same difference). I have no memory of how we worked it out, but it was annoying!

grin about the thong lovemyOJ - it reminded me of when my brother was born (24 years ago) at home, my mum asked my sister to get her some clean knickers from her underwear drawer, and my sister, aged 5, returned with a pair of crotchless panties!! Very funny.

nickschick Mon 10-Oct-11 09:42:53

If you were partcularly worried about this and because Ive had 3 c sections sometimes its the small things that cause most worry you could buy some wide strapped vest topsthat you can step into and pull up and cut the straps and attatch a press stud or button.......a lot of 'faff' but might help your dilemma?

CBear6 Mon 10-Oct-11 21:12:05

I bought two cami-style nighties from Primark (2 for £6, bargain), short in length and with vest style straps. The MW who helped me change out of the hospital gown and into my nightie just lifted the bag off the hook/stand, fed the drip bag and tube through the strap, and then my arm, and then hung it back up. Took all of two seconds and I was in my nightie as comfortable as can be smile

They were great nighties for BFing too (if you instead to) because the neckline was stretchy so I could either just pull it down or pop DD inside. And because they were fairly short they didn't get in the way of the catheter and maternity pads under me that first night. Once I was on my feet I just wore pyjama pants on the bottom half to avoid wandering around in a short-short nightie.

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