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Clexane injection pre-ELCS

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iWILLdothis Sat 01-Oct-11 10:41:15

Just wondering whereabouts in the body they administer the clexane injection at the pre-op ELCS ward visit? I just googled it and closed the search immediately because a youtube viddeo of an injection into the stomach came up....agh! Surely not directly into bump when you're pregnant?? shock Wouldn't mind thigh/bum/arm too much....but please don't tell me it's straight into the bump? sad

<<Freaks out, sticking fingers in ears as doesn't really want to know the la la la la la.....>>

kat2504 Sat 01-Oct-11 10:45:42

I am injecting clexane into my stomach but I don't have a bump yet and I have plenty of fatty tissue on my stomach! it has to go into a nice fold of fat so thigh is also a good option. It doesn't really hurt that much, it is a tiny little injection and only goes just under the skin.

Chynah Sat 01-Oct-11 10:55:27

I didn't have an injection of clexane before either of my ELCS. Had one daily afterwards for the couple of days I was in hospital and that was into tummy.

lockets Sat 01-Oct-11 11:06:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iWILLdothis Sat 01-Oct-11 11:15:38

PHEW! <Breathes sigh of relief, removes fingers from ears>
No problem finding plenty of fat on my thighs!

dottynosleep Sat 01-Oct-11 16:15:24

I have clexane injections all the way through pregnancy & always do them in my tummy because it is less painful but you can also do them in your arm or thigh (needs to be into fatty tissue & somewhere that won't get rubbed, so not into your bum).

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