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Trapped nerve in my right shoulder. Ouch!

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nervousexcitedandgrowing Sat 01-Oct-11 09:52:55

27 +1 and have woken up to what feels like a trapped nerve in my right shoulder. Pain, or perhaps should say discomfort, is traveling down to my wrist. Is this common in pregnancy? Or maybe my tossing and turning to get comfy is now just catching up with me :-)

HelloBear Sat 01-Oct-11 22:50:06

nervous - I am lurking as not pregers but I had this with my DD. I have had trapped nerve problems in my neck a couple of times but Ibuprofen has always sorted it out. Obviously I could not take this when pregnant so I was in AGONY! It happened twice and one time I was beside myself with pain that I took too much paracetamol in my pain dazed state.

In my area if you are pregnant you can have access to a physio without having to go on a waiting list. I saw a physio about 4 times, she gave me exercises to do. So perhaps call the MW service to ask if they have this in your area also?

Sympathy to you but to reassure you the pain will go, mine usually only lasted 24 hours and then got better. Rest and be careful the way you do things - for example for me I knew that if I used my R hand to pick something up on my LH side (so twisting across) this could trigger it. So I had to be really careful of not doing this. So perhaps think back to how it happened in the first place.

HelloBear Sat 01-Oct-11 22:51:54

Oh and any doubts about the your MWs (to state the obvious).

nervousexcitedandgrowing Tue 04-Oct-11 13:00:37

Thanks for the tips Hello Bear! The pain did go within 24 hours and I've got a class with a physio coming up. I think trying to get comfy to sleep is causing me some twinges so will hopefully get some good ideas from physio!

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