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feeling alone... small things leads to extreme negative thoughts ( 12 week pregnant)

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angelarrive Sat 01-Oct-11 05:38:15

i really feel like crying, litle things make me more upset, i m a houswife as i got pregnant i didnt joind any work but now it feels like i m loosing my identity.. i dont have any existence .. totally dependent on other either mentally or financially..! yesterday our house cleaner asked me for his payment but at that time i was not having any money.. and that made me soooooooo upset .. i cried almost whole night even now i m like ...... ahhh i dont know but its really horrible...even i started feeling like my husband doest care.. he left home without eating anything and he knew it i 'll not eat till he will and i m hungry like anything... i dont know but perhaps i m doing wrong with my baby .. i m really very lonely...

AlpinePony Sat 01-Oct-11 05:54:53

hello angel. Where are you? Perhaps you can join one of the "mumsnet local" areas and meet some other mumsnetters for coffee or something?

It does sound like you're in a bit of a low patch right now and I'm sorry to hear that and you certainly don't wish to continue your life feel as though you've no identity of your own!

How is the relationship with your husband normally? Are you able to talk to him about your worries and fears for the future?

Why are you not eating unless he's there?

And what do you think you're doing wrong with your baby? Btw, I haven't eaten anything for 36 hours because I keep being sick - had my 20 week scan yesterday and teh baby is fine - just me who feels like shit!

talktalktalk Sat 01-Oct-11 07:17:58

my heart go's out to you, feeling lonely and depressed is horrable at the best of time let alone when your hormones are going crazy! maybe your doc can help by refurring you for some professhional help. you need to reach out to your friend's and familiy let them know your not doing so well. good luck. xx

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