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Strep B - anyone bougth a test?

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Woodifer Fri 30-Sep-11 09:58:07

This wasn't even on my radar as an option (despite my rigorous pregnancy research i.e. reading this forum) until my sister mentioned about doing it for her third (and finding she had it).

I am 35 weeks tomorrow so prime time for doing the test - apparently its about £30 to get posted and processed.

What are people's feelings?

If it came back positive - how likely is it to affect baby?

i.e. how do the risks associated with prophylatic (preventative) antibiotics (thrush, upset tummy, allergies); compare to the likliehood of transfer of infection?

Woodifer Fri 30-Sep-11 10:31:35

D'oh! Bought!

moregranny Sat 01-Oct-11 16:45:21

I personally do not think it is worth the risk of not being tested, I know a little boy who is severely brain damaged because his mummy did not know she had strep b, the risk may be quite small but if you happen to be the person who's baby is affected for the rest of its life you would do anything to change the chance of it happening, my daughter tested positive and gave birth to her daughter by emergency c section in June,both mum and baby had antibiotics by drip after the birth as there was no time before, the baby has been fine thank goodness, hoping all goes well for you.

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