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37 weeks - increased amniotic fluid (21.6), large abdominal circumference - NO diabetes..

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Mrsdp123 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:49:16

I went for a scan a couple of days ago as two midwives couldn't tell where the baby was!! Anyway he is breech which is fine as I am due to have a c section next week anyway for other reasons.
What this scan did show up however out of the blue is that the baby's abdominal circumference is off the chart and that my amniotic fluid is increased at 21.6 so not over 25 but still enough to send me off googling...
I have just had some bloods taken to test for gestational diabetes and these have come back as OK so I don't have that.
My 20 week scan showed normal amniotic fluid and a large abdominal circumference but I'm guessing no-one was worried as no comment was made on this at the time and they didn't refer me for any more tests etc.
Has anyone else had this? Has it been because/due to anything.
I am wavering between worrying which I know is daft because at this late stage I can't do anything and trying to believe the internet when it says that "sometimes this just happens".
Most things I look at tend to say this is a result of gest. diabetes but as I don't appear to have this does anyone else have any thoughts?

debka Thu 29-Sep-11 20:16:39

I passed the GD tests up until one they did at 38 weeks when a scan showed DD2 had a abdominal circumference also off the scale. The tests aren't infallible. I was induced at 40 weeks and she weighed 10.6- she was big.

Presumably the mw isn't concerned but if you are you could ask to be referred to a consultant.

icravecheese Fri 30-Sep-11 08:03:16

I had a growth scan at 34wks because I was measuring large for dates...I had amniotic fluid of 21.7, head was on 50th percentile, abdomen was on 97th percentile. Nobody seemed concerned at all, nobody warned I'd have a massive fact everyone (sonographer / midwives / consultant) all said growth scan was perfectly normal (everything was spot on 50th percentile at 20wk scan, with normal fluid etc). I asked about large abdomen, they said it was fine. I also asked about fluid (as I'd read on here other people's readings that were similar & considered at the 'higher' end of the scale, altho not quite polyhydramnios) - again, nobody seemed worried at all.

Somebody muttered something about GD testing, but this is my 3rd baby & I've never had it before, no family history, no other symptoms to suggest GD, so they never bothered testing me for it.

I purposely avoided google...suggest you do the same!! I'm nearly 38wks now with ELCS booked for next wk. Our situations /readings sound very similar - I figure if health professionals aren't worried about it, neither should we! GOod luck with the birth x

Mrsdp123 Fri 30-Sep-11 11:49:34

Thanks for reassurance. Funny how some medical staff are worried and others aren't. The more I know the more worried I am. Especially this close, although with 4 days to go it's a bit late now to do anything. Good luck as well icravecheese your readings are indeed just like mine.

debka Fri 30-Sep-11 19:32:36

Agree there is little they can do. Try not to worry (or google)! Just to warn you- my DD2 was v big as I said, but she grew very very slowly, dropping from the 99th centile down to just below the 9th, which is her natural weight. Your DS may well not do this, but be aware that it is possible, esp if you do have GD, and not necessarily unhealthy.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 30-Sep-11 20:14:10

Defintiely try not to worry Mrsdp123. I have just given birth to DS after being admitted with an AFI of 33.8 shock that rose from 22.3 within ten days. Ds also had his abdo and head circumference off the charts from the scans but was born at a steady 8lb 12.

With only a few days to go, stop googling smile

Gill79 Sat 01-Oct-11 23:46:25

Now I am worried about what there may be to worry about! Basically snap Mrsdp123 - am 37 weeks and this scan showed AF of 24.6, abdominal circ off scale and getting test for GD next week..... 8 days before ELCS! Baby has gone from 50th to 90th centile in a month. I have had a lot of ice cream in the last few months but really don't believe I have GD.... someone tell me what I should not be googling for please?

stripeybump Sat 01-Oct-11 23:48:20

If baby is big, not a problem as OP is due a c-section anyway.

Hope you get sorted OP.

Mrsdp123 Sat 08-Oct-11 16:05:39

Hello - Just to say thank you for all your reassurances. DS2 arrived on Tuesday as planned by c section and he is fine. The midwife said that the excess fluid could have been because some internal tubes weren't connected which would mean that he wasn't swallowing properly but the paed would check this out. The Paed said if he fed without the milk coming back up then it wouldn't be a problem.
Anyway he was 8lb 4oz and not that chubby so not sure what the large abdominal circumference was showing up and slurping his milk fine so looks like it was just me worrying unnecessarily!

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sat 08-Oct-11 17:48:19

Did they pass an NG tube before 1st feed? with increased fluid this should be done to check the connections between oesophagus (sp?) and stomach?

There are many reasons for PH, and mostly no reasons at all. So glad he arrived safely, enjoy your newborn snuggles smile

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